Did you know that STEVE is being recommended as new term in the Webster dictionary meaning TRUE FRIEND. Many are accustom to the historical webster's definition, "a person who helps or supports someone or something (such as a cause or charity)". And, while many may be a friend, a committee (meaning Reggie and Lysa) was put together recently (as in last week) and concluded that friend was not sufficient as anyone can be a friend. Not everyone is a TRUE FRIEND.  A motion was made and the new term "STEVE" was a friend who goes above and beyond being friend - and it is natural - not imposed by money, status or any other personal gain.

To make sure that people had a realistic understanding of the term, the committee decided to include an example of the term.  The full term: a "Steve Jackson" will most likely be athe need for brevity.

An example of a true "STEVE":  Your BN20 machine breaks down (handle came apart) and you feel you are not equipped to make the repair. You live almost 3 hours away. You call Steve and he says he is out of town but is willing to walk you through repairs over the phone. Since you are not mechanically savvy, you opt to wait until he returns to town. Knowing he has a wedding, family visitors, and other personal and travel obligations etc. Steve offers you 3 days to come into his town. Despite you being at least 45 minutes later in your arrival than anticipated, Steve still willingly meets you and begins to make repairs...and when he needs a screw that you have lost, he even offers to drive you to the local hardware store to get the part... returns and begins to fix the machine.  His time is short and he has a meeting in the next 45 minutes... repairs are not going smoothly and he holds steady - not even mentioning that he may be late for his meeting. He makes you feel your time is more valuable than his. He fixes the machine with only 5 minutes to his meeting time. You pray he arrived safely.

Okay -we are not sure Webster would accept our recommendation. However, we know you have experienced his true commitment as we have and we just wanted a moment to brag on him and his kindness.  Of course we also thank Jen because she could have said... "are you crazy - we don't have time for that! Tell them it has to wait another week!"

So as you go about your day, have a few STEVE moments and see how you can go above and beyond and help someone else. Do it until it becomes natural - in true STEVE fashion!

Thank you Steve, we appreciate you more than you know.  PS - we were supposed to do a selfie before we left but we didn't want to hold you up any longer!

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