Everyone is always looking for a great training to help them get a better level of knowledge on their equipment, software and applications. Well now you have a few opportunities for this year!

Stahls is hosting 3 more Boot camp sessions this year and has 2 others that are tentatively scheduled.

First up is St. Clair Shores Michigan on August 4th and 5th

      - this is the tech support home base and has a unique opportunity to not only learn more, but to have the entire tech team there to answer all of your hardest questions - believe me, they are up for the challenge!

The second opportunity this year will be on September 29th and 30th.

     - this is in our Toronto office for the Canadian customers. This location is the Stahls headquarters in Concord (Greater Toronto area) and only has a few seats left. Make sure to sign up soon if you want to secure a spot.

The last regularly scheduled class will be November 10th and 11th.

     - this class will be at Stahls new location in Dallas. Our class there earlier this year was a huge hit and we plan to make the next one here even better.

For unscheduled opportunities we are looking to have a potential class at Roland's new office in Boston with a target date of October. Please make sure to comment in this thread if you are interested so we can gauge the potential and get one scheduled if there is enough interest. The other location as a possibility this year would be at our Corona California office for an advanced class. Please comment if you are interested in this one as well.

Below is a link to the Stahls webpage to sign up for the class along with a link for the flyer going over this class.

We have updated content and even have a class booklet  with all of the information and slides so if you have gone to this great training event in the past, it will be even better a second time around!

I hope to see all of you at one of these amazing training opportunities!

Steven Jackson - MyVersaCAMM.com site administrator

Link for class signup

Link for class flyer

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I will definitely go to Boston. THANKS!

Jimmy - I have you down for Boston! We are trying to finalize some dates for it and I will post them here once they are done.

Would love to attend are you hoing to have a class in Silicon Valley, Bay Area, CA.

Marcelle - the closest we would be having the class would be in the Corona office. The discussion right now is to have an advanced class one day and then the 2 day boot camp right after that.

We will have the dates posted here once I have them finalized.

Would love to attend in Corona when available as well.

Hello, My wife and I are very interested in a Boston class.

Brian and Matt here at ESP Solutions in Taunton, MA are interested and excited to hear of potential classes in Boston.

Not sure which one(s) I will make, but thinking ALL!

Steve, why am I getting bubbles under my eco print right after cutting and even before I weed?

We miss you and why don't you come visit us sometime. I know you moved and we don't have your number anymore, you must of changed it

Ginger and Tom

Ginger - I would need a lot more info to be able and diagnose this. I would say on your other thread to post some pictures of what is happening so we can diagnose for you. Let's keep this thread on the topic of the classes :)

BTW - my cell phone number never changed :)

Is there a max cap on the Dallas class?  I'd really like to go, but it is still so far out that I'd like to wait a little longer to sign up unless we can get our money back if for some reason we cannot attend....

I am sure we can fit you in for the class :)


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