My name is Adrian.

I have been trying to fix an issue with printing on the VS-300i. The machine is setup with Lc C Lm M Y K Lk Cleaning Solution.

I have done multiple manual cleanings, power cleanings, changed the captop, did two head soaks (one overnight) and changed the wipers.

I read about changing dampers but I am not sure the exact steps to take a look at them and see if they need changing.

Wasn't sure if there were any recommendations as I have an order I need to run but I can't even get a "passable" print in order to move forward.

I appreciate any help I can get.


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Adrian the test print prints in 2 passes, so what you see in one half repeats. The two passes help determines other problems if any. You had a good head strike, when the printer was returning home. thus the wave in cyan and magenta on the right side. The transfer of ink into the next channel comes from dirty encoder strip. Clean only with alcohol. You do not need a damper(s), Dampers if missing whole channel. The final step is to try a 48 hour head soak with the tubes locked off. Fill top with cleaning solution and that with a powerful clean, then test print. Post that test print.

Thank you for the reply and information. It is appreciated!

I will clean the strip and try the 48 hour head soak you recommend.

clean with lint free cloth and ALCOHOL ONLY

if the 48hr head soak shows no improvement - you will need that head replacement.

Hope you had a good weekend!

I did a 48hr head soak, cleaned the strip and did a powerful cleaning. Attached is an image of the test print.

Some of the nozzles came back on the light blue. Is there anything else I can do to improve this?



I would say no. It looks like the head strike damaged those nozzles.

Understood. Thank you for the feedback.


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