First time posting.  I have a VP540 and love it!  I do have issues with media marring easily, and hate to laminate everything.  Does anyone know what kind of spray to use to protect banner material.  Frog Juice works great on regular vinyl, but on banner material, it stays sticky. I'm using Orojet Ultra flex banner material.   Thanks

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You can't use FrogJuice OR Oneshot spray clearcoats-they interact with the plastic in the vinyl banners.
I've used Frogjuice H20 and Clearstar Waterbased but you have to paint it on, foam roller, whatever...but never had to bother with it on digital banners off my SP300V. I just print the banners, let them sit overnite...and have some of them that have been outside for several years. They get dirty, but a little soap and detergent clean it right off. NOTHING with alcohol in it though-that dissolves Ecosol inks. RapidPrep will also dissolve it...remember that. RapidTac won't.
Make sure you are using the right profile for the banner, and I also kick up the printer heat to 45 or more, to make sure the ink is cured. Even take a heat gun afterwards to warm it up while they sit...especially with a large 'red' area-that's the worst for drying.
Thanks. Could not find a profile for this material. I print at 40, dry at 45. Do I bump up both print & dry?
use the bbv profile in versaworks. I agree with Roland, we just print ours and add power tape and grommets. I have one that has been outside for almost 2 years with no issues.
Thanks, appreciate it.
Hi Mary - I have read so many times where people laminate everything. I only have a Big Squeegee to laminate and do not have much luck laminating larger jobs. I have a few aluminum signs I will be applying a digital print to. I've been struggling over whether or not to laminate with vinyl. Have you had much luck just using Frog Juice? I have been using a spray laminate on certain things. Thanks!


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