We have had our VP-540 for about a year. I have changed every ink color accept the black which will need to be changed any time now... On Friday I changed the cyan and all of a sudden I am getting a few colors that are coming out with splotches or what look like water marks, I asked our Roland supplier and they are saying that it must be the material that I am printing on. I use Eco-Print for the majority of our jobs and have never had this problem. I don't believe it is the material because it is only in Red and Blue it seems. Any idea what could be causing this problem? Would changing the black ink before it is all the way out help at all? I attached an image to give a better idea of what I am referring to. Any info or suggestions would be appreciated!

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I can just barely see the blotches-in the letter L?

My first guess is fingerprints on the material...and just coincidence that it lined up right in the letters.

I've seen it on just about every type of material I've printed on-keep forgetting to touch the rolls only by the ends.

I adjusted the image so you could see what I am talking about a little better. I have had the fingerprint problem but this time I don't think that is what is causing it, these look more like water marks.



I was having the same "Watermark" issue with Express Print(Eco Print). Its defective media. I had the issue anytime I printed any color that was red(See attachment). I would send the media back to the vendor ASAP. Hold on to your current defective roll until you get your new roll. If your using Eco Print, I am assuming you got it from imprintables. Make sure they test the new roll before sending it to you. I was sent three different rolls that were defective(NOT Imprintables), three different lot#'s. It took me almost a month to get a non-defective roll which I just received this past Friday. I started to notice the "Watermark" defect when they switched the clear carrier to a foggy carrier on the Express Print. BTW, Express Print and Eco Print are the same media, just different names, different vendors. When the issue began, I thought maybe I had changed my print settings not knowing I did. Then I tested some of our other medias and tried printing some reds, the issue was not present on those other medias, only Express Print. So I knew it wasnt our printer or my settings. I was told by the vendor that after they received and tested some of the defective rolls i sent back, that the rolls were not defective. I decided to purchase from another vendor to see if the other vendor was blowing smoke my way. After receiving and testing my new roll of Express print that i got from a different vendor realized that the first three rolls of Express Print were indeed defective. In other words, send it back! Do you want to know the insincere vendors name, PM me.


Israel, I haven't had the same issues you've had....knock on wood

But I have to wholeheartedly agree with you about the 'new' Express Print

As soon as that backing was changed, the product wasn't as reliable.


Express used to be my absolute favorite, easy, quick, dependable.

Now I've started using a bunch of different stuff because of the various problems I've had, albeit not as severe as yours


I wonder what's up?

I'm guessing 'they' are always looking for a less expensive way to produce the media


And because there are so many variables involved when people complain, I wonder if they just initially dismiss the issues out of hand, chalking it up to pilot error.

Very discouraging.

Quality control certainly isn't what it used to be, is it?


Lady Di

Israel - not sure where you are getting your info, but the two medias are not the same. Very different manufacturers actually. 

It looks like from both of your pictures that the media could be defective or that the profile is not running correctly. It appears as though you have fish eyes on the media which can be caused from ink pooling due to not enough temperature. If you have printed with the profile and gotten good results, that can be removed from the equation and the media is suspect.

Admin- I was told by the vendor who supplies the Express Print that it is the same media, just different names. I guess they were wrong... But both medias have the exact same charactaristics. I have found no other media that resembles Express print. Talked to someone at imprintables, and they never denied it being different medias when asked??? Whatever the case, someone is full of it. Who can it be??? We will never know...

Well I can tell you with 100% certainty that they are not the same medias. not sure who you talked to but they were a bit misleading.

Well, that sucks for me... I guess. Sorry to the other members if my information may have been misleading. Just as a reminder, I am just the messenger. I dont know if I was told misleading information by the other vendor so that I would back off due to the defective material they kept sending me. Either way, I think the only poeple who really know are the ones who have a close relationship with Imprintables or receive an income from them. Just FYI, I have nothing bad to say about Imprintables. They are a great company that I have been purchasing from for a few years now and have had nothing but great customer service. To the members, be careful, there is some bad rolls of Express Print out there... Make sure you get what you paid for.  

It looks like Israel had the same issues that I encountered. I ended up switching the black ink before it was completely out. I also switched the profile that I had set at HTM to TTRH which we were instructed to do by someone from Imprintables. I noticed a huge difference when I printed the transfer over again, no more splotches at all that I could see. I am assuming it had something to do with the ink, is it possible for it to get air bubbles in it as crazy as that sounds? ... Thank you all for your feedback.

As far as the ecoprint goes, I can say that we have had great luck with it. I got a fresh roll in on Friday and immediately noticed the new cloudy backing. I thought it was a different kind of material that was sent to me in error as I had trouble masking it with the evolution mask at first, it kept ripping and would not pull up the transfer off of the carrier. I adjusted my cut pressure and used the rocking method that I have had to do when using a mask from coastal supplies. That has been working for me even though it takes longer. We have had a few issues with the ecoprint and have had to send back rolls due to defects. A lot of the times there is a line of a different texture that will go down the whole roll of material and that will cause a difference in the appearance of the transfer on the item. Thankfully, Imprintables has been great to work with in understanding these issues so we always receive a new roll without a problem. We have never used the express print, is that comparable in price?


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