I have a vp300i.  

is their a way to slow the media speed down  when it scrolls  back to the origin right before it starts cutting?.. Is that versaworks setting or machine setting?

 if I have a long media  It goes back super fast and wanted to slow it down a little

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up speed is what you are looking for in the machine cutting menu.. think the vp has it

thank you chris will look into it when I get home ...

Unfortunately, the up-speed under function is for the blade leaving the media. It would be great for the media retraction and there may be a setting that I am not familiar with, but it is not the up-speed. That setting is good for if cutting thick media or laminated media, or magnets and you need to slow down the blade to prevent it hanging up.

Irv - the up speed is the speed at which the media travels while the blade is in the up position and travelling to the next cutting position. It is usually set to match the normal speed setting or cut speed setting to reduce differences in media travel and minimize errors that are extrapolated via different speeds that will cause poor cutting. 

The return to origin speed that the original poster is referring to is a factory default and cannot be altered. It is set to reduce travel errors from skewed media while travelling from the end of the job to the beginning for initial cutting. 

I would highly recommend changing the length of the job if at all possible to prevent cutting errors and speeding up the overall job run. If not possible, then the speed is what it is and there are no other means to change it. 


thank you steven and irv...changing the length of the job will be my alternative if it doesn't work … thanks for clarifying


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