Hi I was wondering if anyone on here has replaced the main pinch roller assembly's out before? found have been having some cutting issues, and so far have traced it back to both assembly's having cracks in plastic frame. I would like to get an idea if this is something I dare tackle on my own or not? Thanks in advance

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Hi Randy,

    Sorry for the late reply. Been super busy. It was a real bear changing those pins and springs. It was the worst part of the entire job however I did find a way to do it. I took photos of the entire process for next time. It involved using a set of punches, a hammer and a vice as well as safety glasses. I was also worried about loosing a spring or two. Not looking forward to doing it again however it went well and I have had no trouble with the rollers or frames since then. I will say that I now use the extra frames and rollers 95% of the time to take the stress off the two permanent ones. LMK if you want the photos and I will get them to you if you still need them. Just a note that I am not the one who makes the aluminum ones.

Regards, Jack Kertzie


I have four Roland Printers and the pinch rollers have become a huge issue for us, the main frames cracking so we now machined up a set of aluminum main frames of these, we will be selling them fr 150 a set plus shipping, i assure ya you will never have to replace them again email us for more info

 Hi Jack, are you still offering the aluminum pink bodies?  if so how much a pair?  I also was wondering if there are any tricks to removing the pivot shafts from the old bodies?  seems like they have a LOT of spring pressure, and making it difficult to get them out?  Thanks

yes we still offer them best investment ever, 7168079536

are these for the middle pinch rollers i have searched hi and low and just cant find mine since the move

these are just the frames and they are just the outside units sorry

thanks for the reply

do you know where i could find some middle roller assembly's?


thanks will do that


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