Hi I was wondering if anyone on here has replaced the main pinch roller assembly's out before? found have been having some cutting issues, and so far have traced it back to both assembly's having cracks in plastic frame. I would like to get an idea if this is something I dare tackle on my own or not? Thanks in advance

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You can do it yourself. There are lock washers on the side and the rollers have a left and right side.

Thanks Irving, but I actually have the change clamp/ roller assembly for the two non removable clamps, I found cracks in each body for the assembly, it doesn't look like they will just slide off the square shaft with out taking at least on end apart? Thanks

You will change them while on the machine. You can remove the top cover to get more room.

Thanks again Irving, So once I remove the top cover, I will be able to get to the screws that secure them to the square shaft?  It looks like once the screws are removed and that top plate it removed, they will slide right off like the adjustable center pinch rollers?

Once you remove, see if you can replace without complete removal - just saying.

I have to change these out as well but I cannot find information on how to do it. It is not in the service manual. I have had the left end apart on my vp300 before and it is not an easy task. I am sure that you will at least need to free the left end of the square shaft that the pinch roller frames slide along. Mine are cracked as well. Just a note that a temporary fix is to always use the spare rollers. It will correct the registration problem until you can replace the non removable ones. The only problem with that is that you have to wait for the ink to dry before you can do your cut so you need to use the Print/laminate/cut procedure even if you do not laminate but it does work.

Jack Kertzie - Pekin Valley Graphics

Yes you can do this on your own. Lock washers need to be removed and then replaced - there are a right and left side. They do sell c washer pliers.

I know how to change the rollers but it is the roller frames that need replacement. They need to be slid off the square shaft. The problem is how to you get the end free so that you can slide the frames off.


Hi Jack

I did mine myself, it really wasn't a bad job,  you need to remove the top cover, and the back cover on the lever side of the machine. Then disassemble the lever side of the pinch roller/lever assembly, and then take the C clip off the Print end side of the shaft, and then there is a bracket by where you remove the pinch rollers that needs to come off as well,  then you should be able to side the shaft all the way to one side enough to get the old Pinch roller frames off, and then slide the new ones back on, just make sure you have the proper one installed for each side.  then reassemble, there isn't a lot of room to take the c clip off the print head side of the machine, I used a magnet, with a screw driver so the clip didn't go flying and get lost, etc.  Hope this helps? 

Hey Randy, Thanks for the info! I am going to do the repair sometime this month so I will let you know how it went. Appreciate the help. Yes I have experience with flying clips :-P. Good tip.


Hi Randy, Yes I know it has been a while! Sorry about that. I followed your instructions and my repair was 100% successful. Not a job for everyone but certainly doable if you are not shy about getting into your machine. It does involve patience and focus but not a bad job at all. Now my pinch rollers are nice and tight on the material and my registration issues are solved. Thanks very much for the info. Good show! 
Just a note that I ordered four of the roller frames so I have two spares since I am assuming that this will happen again. However to save money I bought the frames only and not the assemblies which are far more expensive. I figured how hard can it be to change the springs and pins. That was much harder than I expected. I had to secure the old frames in a vice and knock the pins out with a hammer and punch. The little springs are very strong and hard to install in the new frames. I did take photos of the entire repair so if anyone runs into this I can at least show how I went about it.
Jack Kertzie - Pekin Valley Graphics

Hi Jack

I was just wondering if you had any more issues with your pinch rollers?  Like you I ordered 4 extra bodies, and I noticed the accuracy on long cuts was starting to go away again. SO I knew where to look first and I am seeing hair line cracks once again in the pinch roller bodies,  I was just wondering if you have changed one?  I started taking one apart, and there is so much spring tension it makes it difficult to remove the pivot shafts?  just didn't know if you tried it and if there were any tricks to this? thanks, and Hope all is well.



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