Hello guys

I've recently started seeing vertical yellow lines through my prints. It only seems to be happening on the right hand side, see images below. In the first image I printed a dark yellow line and second image is of a planner with yellow streaks radomaly going through it at the same palce. Anyone know what's causings this and a possible fix please.

Thanks , Mush

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Show your nozzle test

Did you do any work on the machine, change, move or replace anything

Cable issue looks like - intermittent then loose

Thanks Irving. No work done on machine. Have opened the front cover to see if any cables are loose but can't seem to see whats causing it. Nossle test below


Great nozzle test. I seen this before but so long ago will have to check a few things and on the road right now. Block printing is usually horizontal not vertical. Vertical usually is encoder strip. So in the mean time check yours, clean with lint free cloth and or alcohol only. That would be mechanical as for electrical cable issue. 

Thanks for that. Cleaned the encoder strip, but the issue is still there. Anything else that it could be?

Still have not found anything, but now am including failing damper in the equation.

Ordered dampers, will update after changing them.

Hi Mush,

The problem is your trailing cables have failed. I've seen this a few times and only replaced a set today that were causing the same problem. It's not a difficult job but takes a while to do. The part number on Digi Supplies is 23475240

Hope this helps.


Hi Marcus

Thanks for the help. I've only had the prineter for less tha 2 years and only print 5-6 times a months. Is it possible for thecables to go this quick? I;ve orderd the parts from digi supplies. Wil update after install. Many thanks


Hi Mush,

I've replaced those cables on a SP-540i that was less than a year old. I've only ever had to replace them on SPi's and VS's strangely enough though. Let me know how you get on.



Hi Marcus.

Just an update to let you know that its was the trailing cabels that were causing the issue. Did try the damper solution first but that  did'nt fix it. Many thanks for the help guys.



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