I finally replaced my heads yesterday and the test print looks great. But I also want to calibrate them for best results.

The vp540e service manual I have is different and I don't have a SP service manual.

Anyway one thing I cannot figure out is why I cannot move the head vertically when loosening the 3 head screws and using the white plastic adjusting knobs in the front.

The best I can tell is I should be able to move the plates the heads are bolted to but they are no way. In fact head the #1 plate looks like it has a screw from underneath that has the plate locked down. I don't want to have to take all of this back apart to see why at least the #2 head cant be moved.

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Everything you need is right in front of you and since you are not a tech you are stuck. There are other sites that might offer a fix, but we have an agreement with Roland not to provide tech level adjustments. Take your time and try to understand what you are reading in the manual. the difference in the two machines is how many time you have to do the adjustment. 4 heads vs 2 Both heads are adjustable. The amount of loosening makes a difference.


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