My sp300v will start a job and stop running. The printer itself still says processing but it stopped at 30% then I reloaded the software and it stopped at 18%. I have tried it on an older laptop as well, with the same issue resulting. Previously I've had it happen a couple of times and reloading the software would solve the issue. is there a way to update firmware on the printer? while trouble shooting I was able to print a full sheet then when reprinting the same sheet of sticker I would have the stopping issue. I am wondering what it was able to complete the sheet,. In addition I have run this same sheet of stickers successfully previously. any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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This topic has been discussed may times.

Possible causes

Screen Savers

Anti-virus programs

Power Management schemes

Running on a network

Loose Cabling

I have tried it on 2 different laptops with the same results. In addition I tried a different USB chord and it seems very snug when I plug it in and Have always made sure the chord was not pulling down with its weight against the plug. Either using a binder clip to hold it in place of the length of the chord resting on top go the printer so it was not pulled down. So i don't thing its the USB. I have had the issue caused with the power saver previously and made sure the initial laptop was not going to sleep. But since I loaded a different laptop, even if that was the issue previously, does that point to needing a new Main Board? Not running on a network. both laptops shouldn't have had matching antivirus issues. or Screen saver issues. Loose cabling internally? Like leading into the USB? 

It is a V model which means anything is possible. With that said, my money is still on a sleeper.Whether you did it or the machine defaults to it - you need to go to your power screen and make sure everything is never; you need to disable all your your antivirus programs; you need to make sure the computer does not initiate a screen saver


Ok, so I uninstalled the antivirus stuff and made sure that I was on NEVER on all the tabs for sleeping and screen saver. I tried 2 different USB chords. And so unless its loose on the back the screen next to the port is also tight. Not sunning on a network. I was able to print two or 3 things fine when I was only running like a single row of stickers but when I made a sheet of 30 it started then stopped. Its a laptop running windows 10 and it does auto updates and my money is on some issue with one of these updates, as I an it for a long while without any issues. are you familiar with running a dual boot situation or like running windows 2000 inside windows 10? would that help? I do all my layouts and stuff on a Mac and I am not super familiar with PC stuff but with a walk through I can manage. I appreciate your expertise for sure Irving. Any other things to try? 

Is it one or all jobs ? What length is the  usb cable? How many megs is the file ? What type fie is it? 

The following may help.  Power down the printer, press the power button on the front panel several times , unplug over night. This will allow the printer to reset.

You can post the file here to see if someone else can print if it is not copyrighted or contains anything offensive

If you're sure that the laptop isn't going to sleep, (pretty easy to tell since the screen goes black lol), then it's either your job queue is too full, and the computer is running out of memory during the RIP process (how many jobs are stored up in your A and B folders), or the main board is going bad. The VP/SP models are known for getting dry sockets in the solder joints on the main board where the ethernet port and chip are installed. Sometimes installing the newest firmware will help somehow, but typically it will get worse and worse until it will not allow you to complete any jobs and a new main board is required.

This happened to me about a week ago.  Turns out it was the printer cord.  My daugther tried plugging up to the printer from her laptop and within a few seconds it stopped printing for her also.  We then knew it wasn't my pc.  She noticed that the usb part of the cable that goes into the laptop was wobbly. I purchased another from the store and haven't had any problems since. The new cable fits snuggly in usb port of my laptop.  Oh.. I have a sp300v


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