sp300v solid green prints have yellow cast & material scuffing issues

Does anyone have any idea as to why I have been having trouble printing decals that have large areas of green.  I have changed my cap tops (after this problem) and dampers.  I've also didn't the usually printhead cleaning maintenance.

For a while I have had some issue printing green grass.  I usually have to print it several times to get a good consistent print.  However, this week I can't seem to print a consistent grass decal as it shows yellow casting randomly across the decal. Sometimes it's very noticeable sometimes it in different area randomly.

NOTE:  dark brown prints sometime have light areas issues also but not as servere as green.

I'm printing on wallfrog (concept 250).  When I look at the unprinted material the coating seems not be smooth as I've seen in past batches I've received. Since this is a new roll, I thought that it may be happening because of un-even coating on the blank material.  However, when I print other things the prints come out just fine.

I've tried using a different print file and on another decal material using a different shade of green (see last photo in 2nd attachment) it also had yellow areas.  I've also tested printing on a different material


Another problem that just started is while printing suddenly I'll start hearing scratching sounds as the print mechanism goes across the material.  I'm not sure if the paper is swelling inside the printer due while going through the print process.  I'm using MCVP print profile.

PROBLEM 3: I know my black printhead has issues.  I print everything on "high quality" right now until I can get a new printhead.  Everything prints find except the green issue mentioned above and sometime dark brown.

FYI: Don't know if the black printhead is ready to go or if it's a static issue.  Before printing I feed out the front of the machine the amount of material I feel I will print on for a job then I rub a "lint roller" left and right across the material as I feed it back into the machine to get rid of any lint, dust, etc.  I'm also in a carpeted room.

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You addressed everything but your color management. Look at the CMYK values of the colors you are using. If they are mixing in Black, there is your issue. The unevenness is coming from the missing nozzles. That black head is gone.

Hi Irving,

Thanks for the reply.

I will go ahead and get a printhead to replace the black one so I'm completely fixed.

As I said I replaced the caps/dampers/wiper.  I also had cleaned the encoder strip a little.  I  went back and gave the encoder strip a thorough cleaning after seeing Steve's video on how to clean the encoder strip on youtube.  The printing is much better now and I am able to print a the green grass.

Again your feedback is very much appreciated.


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