Hi all I hope someone can help. I have a sp300v I updated it to 7.30 yesterday and during the night a code came up like 0000007 then I hit power to turn it off not the main power the one on the front panel. I went to turn it on later and the lights on the panel are flashing and beeping. In order to turn it off I have to use the main power to turn it off. After it is turned off I unplug it from power and wait then plug it back in and it beeps and flashes still. what could be the problem???  Also can I delete the update from the sp300v and still have the 6.9.

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In the past I have read that this code relates to board of firmware issue. Try doing the firmware update again.

Thanks Butch but how do I do this I need the printer on to download the update and when the printer is on it just beeps and flashes. I just tried this I unhook all the cables from the main board and then plug them back in and tried it and it started working and when I was working on a design in VW it beep and put an internal error 0000015 up and when I went to turn it off it started beeping and flashing lights again so who can I do the update again

Do you get the error as soon as main power comes up ? You should have no control panel power until the subpower is turned on. To install the firmware you turn on main power then hold down up - down -left keys and press power button. Then follow prompts from the keyboard and VW http://www.rolanddg.co.za/Firmware/Versacam/VersaCamUpgrade.pdf

what I did on the update was downloaded it from the roland site and followed the steps it done most of it by it self. I saw the printer go throught the steps and now it does show 7.30 on the printer. I did not have to do any of hold down the up and down and left to update it so you think I put it in wroung. It is like as soon as I click on the sp300v firmware update it took off and did everything. Right now I can turn on printer and it works I was able to print a design and then I went to the computer to make more designs so I turn off the printer both powers

Can't remember what I did been about 2 years but seems like my sub power was off when updated.
Hey did you ever figured this out? I have the same exact issue with my sp300.


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