My printer started printing only red and kept getting worse. I tried soaking the heads but nothing helped. I ordered new print heads and caps. When i changed those i also changed my wipers. I did the ink fill and my printer still won't print. I uninstalled my print heads, caps, verified my head codes and ran another ink fill. Still noting. I found that in "Status" there are black "X" through magenta, cyan and yellow. Black does not have an "X" but it still won't print. When i pull the cartridge the printer beeps to it recognizes that the cartridge is installed. Any ideas?

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check fuses on the mother board to see if they have continuity.

I check the motherboard and all the cable with a multimeter. Everything appears fine. I changed the motherboard battery while it was apart.  In watching video, I believe head 1 to be the left head? Also In Service mode when I do >Cartridge >IC check I get an error right away on slot 1 although it can read the chip data. When I had everything apart I checked that board too and it seemed ok, but could it possibly be bad?

I'm thinking about ordering fuses and just changing them as an elimination. Thoughts?

Ink has several sensors plus the chip reader. Put your meter on the fuses themselves and check, if they are good then no need to change. If you have the manual then start checking for voltage readings to ensure the components are getting correct amperage.

I went through the motherboard again and cables. All appear ok. I went back to the beginning as if I was installing the heads again and followed all the steps. I run the fill ink as directed and did 2 forceful head flushes. I have the motor warm now so I will wait a bit and try a couple more forceful flushes. I'm still not getting readings in my Printer Status in Versaworks. 

Not sure what forceful flushes are in your words

VW should show a status - whether secondary power off, ready to print or menu state

So if on, and cable connected and green light on head, then check motherboard

Powerful clean. I'll check motherboard again. Not finding anything

I ordered a new motherboard. After installing it and plug it in i immediately get "sum error" and can't shut down my sub power. I also don't think my computer is recognizing it is attached. I have been reading the Service manual but can't see to get it so I can run the peck.exe? I tried it but it can't read the port.

We cannot give Service Level Instructions here But I offer you this:

IF it was possible, you should have ran the peck on the old MB to pull the parameters. 

If that is not possible, then you need to compare new board to old one and set the dip switches

boards are meant for multiple systems and the switches set the model. Once recognized then you will have to manually add everything since you cannot put the old parameters with the peck.

I was able to pull the parameters off my old board. I did compare the boards and set the dip switches the same as the old board. I have finally gotten it to the initialize faze and it says it is waiting. We will see what happens from here.

For those that are anxiously awaiting my results. I was able to get the motherboard installed, after contacting Roland and finding someone that was way smarter than I. The motherboard was not my problem. So, now I've installed new print heads, new caps and a new motherboard. The test on my suction was ok. I am able to draw ink from my dampers although my dampers are getting pretty empty on ink now.

I'm thinking i should go with my gut feeling and check into the cartridge board more. The communication though the cable to the board was good.

Added note, i was struck my lightening 4-6 years ago and it took out the motherboard. A tech did all the motherboard swapping and install (paid by my insurance company) at a note of over $10,000. I'm sure that included trip charge as the drive one way is over 2 hours. When doing trouble shooting in the beginning i found one voltage switch set to 220v, the other 115v.

I'm thinking because of the lightening strike a few years back possible the trickle down affect has weakened another board. Thoughts?

On a side note, I have a slightly used good motherboard for sale.


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