So my side business of customizing soccer jerseys gets put on a 3-4 week hold because my primary job of working offshore.  I get to print for about 3 weeks, then I leave for 3.  My question is... I'm currently running an SP300v, what's my best, safest option to keeping everything running smoothly?

Do I use cleaning cartridges and do a head wash everytime I leave?  Or do I just leave the power on, and let it run its periodic cleaning?  Or is there another suggestion?


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Can you do a head wash on a V, or you accessing it in service mode and still need 4 cartridges. 3 weeks is not time and I would not do that on a CMYK machine. On mine, I just do a normal or medium clean and back in business. Just leave the machine plugged in. If there is a chance you get stuck, remove the ink, insert CLs and that will work the lines and to the head. When you return a Power and Medium clean should bring the ink back to the heads.

I can do a head wash.  I am just running through a 4 pack of cartridges every 3-4 months it seems if I do the head wash when I leave for sea.  Thought about having someone come by the house and click print on a small cmyk test print once or twice a week, and leave the printer on to do its periodic cleaning.  Just with printheads at $575-625 a pop I don't want to chance anything.  At least I know how to replace and recalibrate if needed lol

If you know that, then save the other stuff. the machine just needs to be powered, it will turn itself on, then off for the cleaning. You worried about power then get a good battery backup for those power out times. You have a hot folder in your VW folder - if you have internet and dropbox then put a shortcut there of the hot folder and drop an eps file there and it will print automatically, but you will need to leave the machine on and it will go back to sleep after it prints.


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