We had a client send us an EPS artwork which had in it a simple 1 colored text which was 70% Black (K) and a fountain fill (fancy company logo) which had mostly Green dominating over a Dark Blue fill. The problem we are facing is that when we were doing test prints, I found that the text color had come somewhat close to what we had expected to see on a color swatch booklet. The 70% Black (K) was showing a distinct magenta fill over the suposedly grey looking text.

We are using inks which is owned by a company called 'Getting Square Digital'. The ink we have is branded as MetroJet Inks... which is the new OEM compatible Eco Solvent Inks for the wide format printing industry. The thing I've found with this ink is that MetroJet inks are non flammable, bio-degradable and emit no harmful VOC’s into the atmosphere. MetroJet inks have also been designed with a very low odour, meaning users will have a better working environment.

I however have some doubts about this ink as i'm printing on bumper sticker media, thinking that this ink is not able to produce the color I'm expecting which is a dark grey. The funny thing is the company logo which is a fountain fill has come out perfectly color wise without any issues, which is really throwing me off...

We had some issues with the file previously, where we couldn't open the CS file on Corel X5 which contained the artwork for our job. The second time we tried it worked but I'm  going to blame myself for not checking through my procedure when importing or openning foreign files. (Should have checked the filter window)

I'm after some opinions and information from those who have this kind of ink installed into their printer and have done printing with bumper sticker media.

Could this also be an issue because I'm not using Roland specified ink catridges that i'm not getting the correct dark grey?



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