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I am new to the group and thanks for having me!  I have an SP300 that has been unused for about 6 months.  It was working well, and I have done a cleaning every time it asks.  I wanted to print the other day, and it won't move on from "setup sheet".  I tried to do a test print and it read "no media loaded".  I figure it is probably a bad front or rear media sensor, or maybe a bad pinch roller up/down sensor.  Does anyone know of a way to determine which it may be?


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I cannot tell you how to get into service mode - but there is a sensor test in there. Which media are you using? Ensure no light is shining directly on the sensor. Also do not use - the Stahls subistop with the charcoal liner for the test. Make sure the sensors are clean, try with the media lever up, no media, then down with media. 

Thanks for the reply. I do know how to get into service mode, I bought the machine in need of repair and got it working well. I am using standard Oracal vinyl. I did move it to a different spot since the last time I printed, so there could be a light anomaly. I will try moving it a finding the sensor test tomorrow.

Aha, so actually the plot thickens. You have 3 blue rectangles on the bar on the right and another 3 or 4 on the left. The media has to be under 1 on the right under the end pinch roller and one on the left under another pinch roller. Do not use the two middle pinch rollers. Actually the media does not matter, but the positioning does. 

Once you get pass this part, you need to post a nozzle test. I am sure you will need captops, if you have not already replaced those.

When I got the machine I replaced the heads, captops, dampers, pump, and a few other items.  I found the sensor test in service mode, and the pinch roller up/down sensor seems to be the problem.  I removed it and cleaned the optics, but no change.  I will try to find a replacement and post back.  Thanks!

I cannot remember if it is open or close, but since you are going to change it - you can try to by-pass to confirm. 

I thought about a bypass, but without  a schematic I am hesitant.  I am an automotive guy, and 3 wires usually means reference, signal, and return, but I don't want to fry a board.  I just found a used one on Ebay, I will let you know how it goes.

True but I have to bypass switches while on jobs waiting for parts. Only reason why I told you. There are areas where you can blow fuses, but those printers only carry about 4 fuses - it is either on, or off. Just let me know how you make out. Your approach is sound.

The pinch u/d sensor arrived the other day, and solved the problem.  Thanks for the help!


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