Hi guys,

I've just bought myself a Roland SP300, I've just started doing my own prints after working out how to use it, however when I've actually came round to printing an image I don't think the image is very good quality.

Most colours have horizontal lines all the way across them, I don't think this is very good and wouldn't send this to a customer, do any of you know anything that could cause this?

Could it be a lack of ink or a blocked head or something, maybe it's just the way the printers set up, maybe a low quality setting or something.

Please help guys! I know you'll know



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I don't understand
What is call crap?

responded to a post months old - you however responded to his recent post - LOL - I responded to you

what you are experiencing is called horizontal banding,to get rid of it do a test print, under menu > calibration > testprint > choose the one with the smallest gap and the least amount of overlap. look at that number> then enter that value when it asks for a correction value


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