Hi guys,

I've just bought myself a Roland SP300, I've just started doing my own prints after working out how to use it, however when I've actually came round to printing an image I don't think the image is very good quality.

Most colours have horizontal lines all the way across them, I don't think this is very good and wouldn't send this to a customer, do any of you know anything that could cause this?

Could it be a lack of ink or a blocked head or something, maybe it's just the way the printers set up, maybe a low quality setting or something.

Please help guys! I know you'll know



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send a pic of your test print and a finished print - more than likely it is just a calibration or media issue - someone here can let you know when we see the prints

just a few pointers - make sure your machine is calibrated and the correct profiles are being used for the media

Connor you made to this side - I am still waiting for the same thing Butch mentioned. You can research old posts or as questions - check the download section and the videos.

We need more data - what media is it, what profile are you using - all of the factors that can cause issues....

Connor it also helps if we are provided a test print and you have the print oriented as it came out of the machine. The last part is not a chop buster but to evaluate whether your banding is horizontal or vertical. Those causes are different. Once the banding direction is determined to be horizontal white banding has a different cause from dark banding. To further cloud the issue - it can be software related - versaworks settings or machine related - (bidirectional and calibration). The one thing that is constant and you can count on is that you have a community here that is willing to help.

Irving, it's definitely horizontal lines!

On my machine there are 2 profiles for MacTac vinyl and I've tried it on both to no avail (MacTac was pre selected from the last guys use and he gave me some vinyl as a sample so guessing it is MacTac however there is no markings on the back to specify this! 

I will be buying some more vinyl on Thursday which I'll 100% know the name of however haven't a clue where to get different profiles from!

Bearing in mind im new to this game I'll apologise for so many questions howeve I know you guys will know :)

Thanks for your help so far!

if you're unsure of the brand - try a generic profile in VW - compare for any difference - in the meantime while waiting for your supplies calibrate your machine and download and install the profile that you will use for the media you purchased

Butch, where abouts can I download profiles for my media?


the manufacturer's website is the first place to look also there are some profiles on this site - there are detailed instructions here that show how to install the profiles in VW

I believe your machine needs to be calibrated and your bi-directional is probablly off too. As for profile, try GCVP and see if that one works for you. Also print in uni-direction. Look in the video section for how to load in profiles - look in the download section for how to load profiles.

If you could print the TEST pattern-button right on the console-then send us a clear picture of that, it may

answer a few questions. Could just be some clogged jets from sitting unplugged before you got it.

it is call crap but it is a printer head alignment adjustment 


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