Does anyone know what causes this? Does it have anything to do with the Cutpath I assign in the Illustrator file? Because it always cuts every single line twice, I wind up with razor thin strings of media all over that I have to remove. And I can't even cut really small, intricate detail because the second pass through causes all sorts of problems with small pieces moving around. It's really a mess. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Randy

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Pilot error, I’m sure. If you take apart the file or view it in Object Manager......or whatever Illy calls it, I’m a Corel gal, through and through, so I can’t tell you what it’s called in Illy. But it’s the same principle, VW is only cutting what it it’s either seeing 2 cutlines or you’re not placing your cutline properly. It’s most likely either a transparency issue or you’re not placing your cutline in the center ( as opposed to exterior or interior)

Corel may not be perfect, but it doesn’t give us these kind of crazy headaches, either. (smile)

sorry for the editorial comments, I couldn’t resist........someone with better Illy knowledge will jump in 

lady di

Check cut control in VW make sure you don't have 2 passes selected.

I had the same issue. I found that there is a setting in Illustrator that was causing this. When you go to save as an eps, a popup will appear called "EPS Options". Under the Transparency heading there is a "Custom" button, click that. In the next popup there is a check box for "Convert all Strokes to Outlines". I unchecked that, clicked OK and it solved the issue. I found that after you click OK the setting remembers your choice for future saves. Hopefully this helps!


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