I am having a problem with the yellow on my printer. I have mixture with the magenta sporadically.

It sometimes prints yellow fine and then the next minute it will start out orange tinge or red and then switch to yellow

Test prints are the same sometimes all yellow and then few bands of magenta or a bunch.

I changed dampers on Magenta and yellow, changed cap top on that side, cleaned it, did medium cleanings which often makes the whole thing orange. Pulled ink through bottom, added cleaner to cap top. Did a cap top adjustment in the service mode. Checked all the lines and there are no clogs

I did have a manifold on that side break so i replaced that a month or so ago. 

Do you think it is the rubber piece that is a seal (looks like a small sunglass without the ear portion) in the manifold I put in or do I need a new head?

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Check your PM.


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