Hi Folks, 

New to the forum, as I'm the new owner of an old SP. Thank you for reading.
It was a very good price and was assured it ran, but didn't take long before issues arrised. 

Had some issues, overcame them, was printing 100% with no issues for about 2 weeks and then....

Main issue - Both heater and dryer are set to pre-heat but neither budge from 0 deg. 

"Heater Check" from the SERVICE MENU throws me the code "INTERNAL ERROR: 1670251"

Search they say, google they say, but literally nothing comes up for this. They were both working prior. 
I've tried to set them from both Versaworks, the printer, etc.

I've pulled the front/back covers off the heater rail, nothing looks out of sync.  Fuses are good on the main board. Checked to ensure all power and ribbon cables are seated.

I should add, I have read that too cold of an ambient room temp. can make the heaters not want to run.  I'm in a older house, up in Canada, it's the edge of Winter.. it's cold than usual in here, but never caused an issue before.  I've even tried heating the space up to a higher than usual temp just to see if it made a difference. 

Back Story:

I've been around IT, taking apart computers, etc for most of my life, so digging into this machine wasn't a big problem.  

- Overcame plugged printhead, changed out caps and wipers to learn it was actually plugged up caps and tubes that were causing bad prints, from ink that was not flushing properly. 

- Out of nowhere started getting scan motor errors 0080 0090 0040, etc.  I ordered a new motor, but that did not fix my issue as the gear kept skipping (China parts) during the linear initialization. 

I put the old scan motor back in and was getting better results, but still a 0040 error. 

- Ended up "re-building" the bearing race/block behind the cut carriage, and oiled the rail a little, low and behold we're up and running. On to the new heater dyer problem (again out of nowhere). 

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All your errors are with the scan motor. So check your path and rail. Move the printhead manually through the printer and see if your rail, is bent, or needs lubrication. Also insure the printer is level.

As for the heaters, they do not come on in service mode. You should be using the default media on the printer tab to set the temperature, by use of the correct media profile.

Also you have a V model machine, check the tension of your printer to ensure it is in proper range.

Thank you for your response.

The initial errors are with the scan motor, correct. They have been overcome for the time-being.
However, the new error from the heater, I can't seem to get any information. INTERNAL ERROR: 1670251

I'm actually able to print at the moment as-is, so it's not an error that trips a code that freezes the machine. 

I've been trying to get the heaters to come on in regular mode, not just service mode. Ran through versaworks or not, the heater is not coming on. Both in set-up without pinch rollers down, and with the printer printing. 
I have tried to override the print temps. from versaworks, with no result as well. 

My understanding is that I shouldn't have to have any software running to see the machine pre-heating. 

I will check the tension, although it seems good. I have a tech. coming by tomorrow, so we'll see what they have to say about the issue.  

Although I have resolved my scan motor issue, 
I am still experiencing issues with my heater and dryer not running.  I'm limping by without but would like to determine the cuase, and resolve this issue. 

I've been in contact with a Roland rep. and they've recommended the following parts,
Essentially saying I should try the first two and see where things go. 

Also was mentioned there may be tiny fuses on the heater control board.


PART # 6700469060 
PART # 1000013820  
PART # W876705010  
Any further input from anyone here? 
Again, I had both the heater and dryer operating normally up until a snowball of issues, which started with the scan error. 


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