So I finally move my machine I just bought. Got the heads going after it had sat for a couple days in the move. Nozzle Test looked pretty good after I did a powerful cleaning.

Thats all and well, so now I'm trying to connect up to Versaworks. I also installed the net-tool. I'm using a switch to link it to my pc and it shows up in the Net-Tool and I can set the IP but then it says it gets no response.

I cannot figure out what I'm missing. I'm not the best with networking setup. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Well I managed to get it connected today. What I did was I powered off the machine completely. Held the blue button on the network card and turned the main power on, the far right light on the network card lit up and I opened Net Tool and it showed up as in BIOS mode, I set the IP, which I got from ipconfig. Then I powered off the main power on the SP-540V and restarted my pc. Turned everything back on. Started Net-Tool and boom it was connected. Opened up Versaworks and connected no problem. I was also connect using a patch (crossover) network cable.

Thanks for following up. Sure it will hope someone using the V models.


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