I keep getting Wrong Cartridge Errors this started happening when it was on stand by i come in on the morning and it had stopped it sell with a wrong Cartridge  error.

I put the cyan cartridge in and out a couple of times and it worked OK until I turn it off again so i left it on all the time.

After a few weeks I have now replaced all the cartridges so i decided to try turning it off.

Now it comes up with the same error but it s the black cartridge this time and it wont go past this error is there a code that i can by pass this?

I don't have a spare black but I've got one on order in the mean time i tried a cleaning fluid cartridge and it now turn on so i can at least cut and hopefully the heads wont dry up.

Any help would be G8 as I am struggling to find a service engineer in my area 

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