Just went through a few steps with Roland and Stahl's technical service and they are stumped. This Versacamm works perfectly except for one flaw. On a full width print,  on the feed and bidirectional calibration tests, and when registration marks are printed, the printer will print an odd yellow mark. There seems to be a small amount of magenta in the mark as well. The mark is approx. 2" x 3". Only one mark per print. On the full width print you could see the printer start laying down the blue perfectly and then after printing about a two inches, it dumped the mark on top of the blue. Please see pics attached.

Thank you,


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Did you do any work on your machine

By work I mean touch any of the cables

Hi Irving. Thank you very much for your reply.

Roland asked me to try new cables on the yellow/magenta head, which I installed, but this did not affect the issue. They also installed a new firmware version and then asked me to inspect and clean the encoder strip. No change.

Roland said the next step would be to replace the carriage board cables and then the carriage board. I was hoping someone had perhaps previously seen this issue before I started swapping out more cables or ordered a new board.

Yes the issue is called block printing. It occurs when the cables are not aligned correctly. The reason for my question about the cables. Usually folks do not want to admit touching, which requires more exaggerated guessing. Realign the cables to be parallel to the edge and in line. The event happens when there is a build of electrical information passing through and it causes the errant printing. You can tell Roland they have document on it on their tech site. Now if you by chance spilled or had ink go onto your carriage board cables or spill on the board - then yes that also. Go with carriage board cables first. Always take pictures of the area you are going to work on and then reassemble exactly the same. Those printers are designed for swapping in most instances.

Irv -

Once again, I'm impressed. Is there anything about Roland printer/cutters that you don't know?


LOL - Dennis you already know and I believe it was your machine where I cut my teeth! Many experiences under the belt.

Irv - That was a long time ago. Clearly, you've learned a lot since then.

Hello just a question what did you ended up doing to fix your block printing yellow, im having the same problem with my sp540v, i'd replaced the printhead but still the same problem,

it would be good to follow a few steps you did on your printer,


start a new post, include pictures - place it in the discussion area not a blog


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