Hi everyone,

This is going to be a bit of an essay, but the stories long.

in 2008 we bought a SP-540i, the machine worked flawlessly for about 3 years. We use a bulk inking system and an eco-solvent ink from South Korea, we've been using it forever and haven't had any issues with it (aside from colour variances, more or that later).

Anyway, one fateful day the operator of the machine topped the cartridges up with ink for one of our other machines (aqueous nano-resin ultrachrome). The reaction between that and the eco-solvent created a sludge that went hard overnight, and the machine was dead (dampers, heads, caps, and the pump too)

So we called a Roland certified technician, however, this dude was simply no good. over the space of 6 months, he swapped the main board, power board and servo board out for ones from his clients that were non-functional (and left us with the dud parts) in addition he let a whole bunch of the covers and parts of the machine sit in a tray that had a puddle of eco-solvent in it. so those parts got liquefied.

We complained to Roland about the guy, and nothing was done. We couldn't work with them any longer, so we had to work out our own solution. Dealing with the local agent bascially cost us 18 months of down time on the machine.

Our IT guy did some reading, we managed to source some boards and heads, and we managed to clear the plumbing on the machine. The machine was up and running in about 3 months.

Since then the machine has logged around 3182 hours (i think it should be a lot more, the counter may have been reset)

The machines starting to run into end of life of some of its parts, and the operator who was using it, really didn't give the machine the care it needed, and as a result theres multiple things going on with it.

The local Roland agents position is unchanged, so its now down to me to get the machine up and running in as good a state as is possible.

here are some parts I've had to replace, and some plans I've had to make.

Parts replaced:

Scan motor

Pump (twice)

wiper motor (and the carriage,i basically had to rebuilt the whole assembly)

heads (twice)


all the bearings in the scan assembly

head cables (twice)

Parts cobbled together:

LED lighting inside the shroud to make it easier to see work as it prints

the plumbing from the main lines to the dampers (they were old and hard, and there was an air leak)

Right now my issues are:

Lots of deflections on the heads (i've had them out to clean and inspect, them seem fine, the deflections and blockages move around, which tells me the heads are likely salvageable?)

Fuzziness on the prints (I'm suspecting static build up? the machine is running through a voltage stabilizer, which isn't earthed)

My biggest issue at the moment though is banding, anything other than high quality gives pretty bad banding, the problem is that with the head in its current state, its pretty hard to see whats going on with the feed calibration.

Anyway i'm just typing this all up, i'll do all the relevant test prints, scan them and upload them this evening (the machines got a ton of work on it, and i have to let it go through so that i can take the machine down for tests and all)

It should also be noted, I've had no Roland, all I've learnt is from the school of painful expensive knocks.

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Now with some data!!!

Model : SP-540i

Version : 2.60

Serial No. : ZQ00000

Date : 2003/03/19 04:05

IP Address :

Subnet Mask :

Gateway Address :

MAC Address : 00:40:AB:00:90:9F

Ink type : E-SOL MAX 4C

Ink remain(1-4) : 0/ 0/ 0/ 0

Head height : Low

Head Temperature : 32C / 89.6F

Heater temp.(PRINT) : 40C / 104F

Heater temp.(DRYER) : 40C / 104F

Edge detection : Enable

Empty mode : Stop

Calibration : -0.50 %

Media clamp : SHORT

Full width scanning : FULL

Scan interval : 0.0 sec

Length unit : mm

Temperature unit : C

Menu language : English

Sleep interval : 30 min

Sheet remain : 0.0m

Periodic cleaning : 20min

Vacuum power : Auto

Heater setting(PRINT) : 40C / 104F

Heater setting(DRYER) : 40C / 104F

Feed for dry : Enable

Preheating : MENU

Set remain at loading : Disable

Head rank H1 : 7BS3B3AVXUWVUQQ 2100Y012VTTR 40UWJB


Dip SW : 0000

System SW page( 1- 4) : 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

System SW page( 5- 8) : 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

System SW page( 9-12) : 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

System SW page(13-16) : 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000001

Limit position : 26.1 mm

Cutter down position : 1726.6 mm

Calibration default : 0.00 %

Encoder position(L) : 1516.3 mm

Encoder position(R) : 144.7 mm

Maintenance request : NONE

Booter version : 1.00

Battery : Empty

Periodic CL. degree : MEDIUM

Drain liquid volume : 69106.2 cc

Standard head : 1

Flushing pos adjust : 1.94 mm

Heater adjust(PRINT) : +3C

Heater adjust(DRYER) : +3C

Preheat temperature : 35C

Heating timeout : 30 min

Environment match : +0.250 %

Encoder calibration : +0.248 %

Force adjust 30gf : 17

Force adjust 200gf : 56

Crop-tool adjust (F/S): +10.00/ +10.00 mm

Print-cut adjust (F/S): 0.00/ 0.00 mm

Crop sensor adjust : 0

==== Motor group ====

Motor feed (trip/total [clear]): 333/ 333 hours [0]

Motor scan (trip/total [clear]): 5,043/ 5,043 hours [0]

Pump Times (trip/total [clear]): 392,466/ 392,466 times [0]

==== Head group ====

Shot Cnt. 1 (trip/total [clear]): 13,652/ 4,711,632 K times/nozzle [1]

Shot Cnt. 2 (trip/total [clear]): 55,718/ 12,024,190 K times/nozzle [1]

Shot Cnt. 3 (trip/total [clear]): 69,978/ 20,337,120 K times/nozzle [2]

Shot Cnt. 4 (trip/total [clear]): 81,256/ 17,333,517 K times/nozzle [2]

Wiping count for head : 118 118 times

Rubbing count for head : 3 3 times

Headrank set count : 2 0 times

Auto cleaning count : 44 44 times

Normal cleaning count : 2 2 times

Medium cleaning count : 8 8 times

Powerful cleaning count: 1 1 times

Protect Head : 0 0 times

==== Maintenance group ====

Maintenance Count : 93 times

Total time : 49 hours

Printing time : 4 hours

==== Wiper group ====

Wiping count : 972 times

Rubbing count : 153 times

Wiper replace count : 22 times

==== Print group ====

Printing time : 3,193 hours

Print pages : 8,105 pages

==== Ink group ====
change(1-4) : 1 1 1 1 times

Change ink type : 0 times

==== Error group ====

Service call count : 111 times

Service call history : 0109 0109 0109 0109 0110

Motor error (feed) : 24 times

Motor error (scan) : 67 times

Low temperature error : 1 times

High temperature error : 142 times

Emergency capping : 0 times

Start uncapped : 31 times

==== System group ====

Power on count : 2,428 times

Power on time : 6,582 hours

Sleep time : 5,494 hours

Sheet cut count : 5,052 times

Peck used count : 0 times

Net fault count(pon) : 0 times

Net fault count(cfg) : 0 times

==== Heater group ====

Heater used time : 4,461 4,461 hours

Nozzle Check

Feed Calibration

BiDrectional Detail

oh well, shes running smooth AF again. I was kinda hoping that peoples would point out errors in my thinking or offer advice or something. In any case, maybe this will inspire other people in far away lands to do their own thing, and make stuff happen.

Found an old serial X-Rite DTP41, had it apart and was servicing it this afternoon. Gonna pick up a USB to serial converter and try making my own media profiles.

Seeing this makes me feel better about buying a used machine, especially one on the older side. 


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