We have a Roland SP-540i which has been working great up to now, but has recently been dropping the network connection regularly. This is happening every couple of days or so, I'll send a job to print then get a pop-up saying the printer isn't connected. On the ethernet port of the back of the printer there should be two lights - the green one which stays on constantly, and the orange one which flickers. I've noticed the orange one is off when this problem occurs. I'm running Versaworks Dual, from a Windows 10 PC which are both up to date.

I am currently having to power off the machine to fix it, but does anyone know how I can stop this happening in the first place? The machine worked fine for months without having this problem.


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So I would check one of a few things:

No Antivirus program while printing

No Screen Saver

No Power Saver

You can also check the dennis dunning post I just did with using the MS IP protocol

If the files it is happening to are large, then a packet is being grabbed and inspected, if that happens no recovery

Thanks Irving, the PC has anti-virus running on it but it always has had and hasn't had problems before. However since I posted the machine hasn't dropped the network connection once so I've no idea how it's suddenly sorted itself out, unless it's a windows update which has rectified it. Anyway all working currently thank you.


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