Hi Everyone,

I have a question as I have never seen this before.

Yesterday I was not getting any color from either red/yellow.  I did a bunch of cleanings and I have the red back and part of the yellow.  But I have red coming thru on the yellow.  Should I just keep cleaning it or should I be replacing the cap?

In the pictures the worst one is the most recent.

Thanks for the help.


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heads require ink, if the top prevents it from pulling the correct color it will pull the closest color. So you will see that on the red/yellow or blue/black. The only other way it happens is from a dirty encoder strip.

I have half a cart of yellow ink.  I cleaned the encoder strip, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better.  Any other ideas on things to try?

Yes your captop is how old? They are rated for 6mos. Your machine should easily get 1 year, but if your answer is over that then the pump cannot pull the ink into the head and thus colors are crossing. Only clean the strip with alcohol!

I cleaned the strip again.. and then ran a test with big blocks of yellow and it looks like it is working now.. Thanks!

The cap is older than that, so if I have any more problems I will swap it out.  We don't use the printer a whole lot.  I do have a spare cap here though.

Thanks for the help.. I really appreciate it!


No problem Debbie. Not using it a lot is a problem, especially for an older machine. The cap will dry out and get spots that have to soften up for the ink to be pulled into the dampers. So in addition to seeing your cross colors you should be getting some color shifts. Change your top and do some weekly printing of something to keep your system functioning.


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