SP-300V stopped auto cleaning after servo board change

A bit long winded, but please bear with me!

I recently had some issues where I had to replace my scan motor and servo board. While I was waiting for parts for several days I also changed the motherboard battery.

When everything was up and running again, I obviously had to put in a lot of settings and calibrations, somewhere along the line I got into a tiz and selected a reset in the service menu.

So started from scratch, with everything entered that I knew of at the time.

After 3 days, I looked in the history menu and saw there was 3 x auto cleans done. Then I saw that the machine was giving me No IC Chip errors (never noticed this before so most likely was ongoing).

I tried to work this out over some more days, reading forums etc, and the auto clean counts were incrementing each day x 1, so at that time the auto cleaning was looking good. The printer was also working fine and I produced several print/lam/cut jobs without any issues.

I then checked the ink junction cards etc, and found that carts 2 and 3 were not contacing the the IC chip contacts. I loosened the bottom 2 mounting screws of each  HOLDER,I/C SC-500 (cart holders) and repositioned them due to some free movement in the screw holes.

I then ran CARTRIDGE/IC CHECK in the service menu and all carts, s/n, batch number etc showing up as expected. Now after doing this, the auto cleaning has stopped working, and I have to press the cleaning button each morning or my prints start printing in darker shades until ink is obviously flowing normally.

Questins, how to get the auto cleaning working again, can anyone here open me a copeck file and send it to be in a pdf or txt file?

Any help much appreciated.


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Post your co-peck

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Copeck attached.


Did not have time to go through it. Since you have the pec - grab your parameters and save to a safe placesince you might need it one day if you have to change your MB.


Thanks Irving, I only have copeck not peck.exe, so I cannot do that. Yes I have been through it, thank you for that.

Also - go into your control panel and see what your auto clean is set to. You can set it.

Again I assume using the Peck tool? as I cannot find any info in the service manual, or in the service mode of the machine.

Thanks again!

I have been in touch with a "Printer tech" who lives about  hour away from me planning a visit, he recons you cannot adjust the auto cleaning sequence with the peck tool, I asked him if there was a way to perhaps, modify the parameters within the "Get" file, but we was not aware of a way to do it. Any comments to this please?

No none of that - the peck is a reporter of current and past info; can assist in firmware installation; can get and put parameters. It will do nothing to change anything on the machine. The peck IS NOT a user tool, nor is the Service Manual and instructions on either or how to use either is not shared here for Users can damage their machines with improper use.

Glad you cleared that up Irving, many thanks.

I am the greatest for supplying answers you do not want to hear.


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