My print and cut was misaligned, so I went through a lot of setup adjustmentrs in the service menu using the maint manual as well.
Then on a forum I read something about linear calibration, I started to do this, but did it wrong and ended up with service call 0101, to cut a long story short, after much messing around I eventually reset everything to defaults in the service menu to make a fresh start.

I then tried a test print/cut from a PDF via VW, it consists of a row of BLACK stars across the sheet, see image. As you will see, there is also a yellowish star and the cut line is out of place, after more calibration my cut is now spot on when cutting a previously printed sticker sheet.

I have now done a lot of setting up, print/cut alignment, bi-directional setup etc etc, but all along, there is this double image, when doing the VW test print the colors are shifted, ghosting? see remainging pics.

I have searched and searched in the menus and service manual, but cannot find anything about this image shift, and how to correct it. The machine has had no head collisions etc.

Any help much appreciated.


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Fixed it by going to Service menu - Head Adjust - Horizontal, then print test and adjust, working fine now.


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