After waiting 2 weeks for a new scan motor, machine is up and running, printing/cutting good, as it did before without any errors.

Now however, every once in a while I get the 0080 Scan Motor Overcurrent Error 2, this only happens when the print carriage is parking up. I have run linear encoder setup then linear calibration in the service menu, but it still happens once in a while, enviromental match also done.

It can happen with a very small job, or it may run a 1,5 meter job perfectly, until the print carriage is parking. I understand the error to be caused by a light load over a long time, so this does not fit with the small job at all.

When this happens, there is a clunk, sounds like carriage is trying to go too far to the right.

Any hints much appreciated.

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It is a V machine, how many hours on the motor.

As I mentioned above SP-300V and a new motor. Thanks.

You replaced the scan motor yourself: Correct?

You ensured:

proper alignment

gears meshed - no dirt, no missing teeth

moved by hand to ensure proper operation

tool carriage securely attached and proper wire tension

performed limit position initialization

if all above was done

then you left with power supply - check voltage

or servo board issues

although the error states a little load, long time - that is relative - 

Just did a job with a 40 just as with the 80, the load was caused by a dirty head getting hung up on the captop - the error was caused by it fighting to get out of home and back to home

Cleaning and initialization corrected issue and parts returned.

so check around the heads, the freshness of your captops, and your flushing position.

Replaced scan motor my self, and all points you mentioned covered.

Nothing in the way that would cause any obstructions, caps well clear.

Only one thing I need to do then is limit position initialization, thanks for that one, will do that to-day and revert.


Went to do limit position initialization, print carriage was not locking at caps, kept throwing up unrecoverable position error turn off power, as print head moving with tool carriage on next step.

Capping went as normal though, but without any head locking.

Tried several times, same result.

The print carriage is locking during other operations as normal.

Ended up having to restore my recently saved parameters, now working ok again.


The instruction just says move it to the locking posion, I had done this initialization a while ago, but did not remember how to lock the carridge, I was thinking it was done by the machine somehow, so a bit of gentle back and forth, did the trick. LIMIT POSITION & CUT DOWN POSITION INITIALIZE and LINEAR ENCODER SETUP all done. Thanks!

Welcome, just know that all of the instructions are purposefully let out of the book. Some things you just have to know or taught in class,by Roland. 


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