I'm in need of help with my SP-300V, here's the story, a few weeks ago a storm came through and took out several pieces of equipment in our shop, our Roland SP-300V would no longer be seen by any of the computers in the shop, I ordered a new main board and installed it, computers now see Roland, I got the SUM ERROR, I updated the Firmware to V 7.30 using the Peck Tool, SUM ERROR fixed, but now Roland gives me a "Turn Power On Again" display, when it first comes on it reads SP-???, then tells me to turn power on again.

I reinstalled my old board and Roland boots up fine just no communication with the PC, so I can't get my old parameters off the old board, so I go to a buddy of mine who has the same machine, I used the Peck tool to retrieve his parameters and try and put them on mine, the installation meter goes about half way and displays DONE, but nothing changed with Roland, still reads SP-??? then reads "Turn On Power Again", does anyone know another step to take, please 

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Hi Phil.

I came across this post as I'm replacing my main board and have a similar problem.  The only difference is I have my old parameters.

Did you get this issue resolved?

Should I Install the firmware first, then flash my old parameters?



Check the dip switches on the board. You may have to google the correct switch settings. If you don't have the paras for the old board I'm pretty sure you will need to input everything manually. Head rank, ink type etc.

Thanks for the reply Butch, my DIP Switch settings are all in the off position excepy for no. 3 (same as the old board I removed).

I have a question... will it make any difference to backing up and restoring the parameters, because I have a couple of versions of peck and a few different versions of firmwares on my computer. And I'm not sure which I used.

And one more thing, Should I install the parameters first or flash the firmware first?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!


Have you downloaded the usb driver for the machine? Sometimes it is required for the SPV's. Next make sure the secondary power is off. Open peck and run put parameters, if you saved by machine I.D., serial number or date you should be able to locate the correct file. Then use the firmware tool if necessary.

Did you figure this out/ I put in a new motherboard and tried to follow the directions. As soon as i turn on the main power it reads "sum error" and won't let me turn off the secondary power. When i hold the power button it flashes and when i release it it get "VERSAcam boot Version 2" and then goes back to displaying "sum error".

I have gotten to the "waiting" point and can keep getting there, but nothing happens when i hit enter which by the manual should go into initialize. Suggestions?

As Butch said above, did you... 'make sure the secondary power is off. Open peck and run put parameters'.

Do you have the program 'Peck'?

Do you have a backup of the parameters from your old board?

The secondary power comes on automatically when i turn on the main power, I can't shut it off. I can hold the sequence of buttons and get it to the "waiting" mode.

My peck doesn't have anything that says put parameters. Maybe I don't have the right one? Mine says Copeck, it was from the Roland website.

I did back up the parameters from my old board.

You need the full peck, the CoPeck is limited to prevent you from destroying your machine

And...let me guess, I won't be able to get the peck.exe myself?!

Any ideas where i can get the peck program?

For those that are anxiously awaiting my results. I was able to get the motherboard installed, after contacting Roland and finding someone that was way smarter than I. The motherboard was not my problem. So, now I've installed new print heads, new caps and a new motherboard. The test on my suction was ok. I am able to draw ink from my dampers although my dampers are getting pretty empty on ink now.

I'm thinking i should go with my gut feeling and check into the cartridge board more. The communication though the cable to the board was good.

Added note, i was struck my lightening 4-6 years ago and it took out the motherboard. A tech did all the motherboard swapping and install (paid by my insurance company) at a note of over $10,000. I'm sure that included trip charge as the drive one way is over 2 hours. When doing trouble shooting in the beginning i found one voltage switch set to 220v, the other 115v.

I'm thinking because of the lightening strike a few years back possible the trick down affect has weakened another board. Thoughts?

On a side note, I have a slightly used good motherboard for sale.


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