I'm in need of help with my SP-300V, here's the story, a few weeks ago a storm came through and took out several pieces of equipment in our shop, our Roland SP-300V would no longer be seen by any of the computers in the shop, I ordered a new main board and installed it, computers now see Roland, I got the SUM ERROR, I updated the Firmware to V 7.30 using the Peck Tool, SUM ERROR fixed, but now Roland gives me a "Turn Power On Again" display, when it first comes on it reads SP-???, then tells me to turn power on again.

I reinstalled my old board and Roland boots up fine just no communication with the PC, so I can't get my old parameters off the old board, so I go to a buddy of mine who has the same machine, I used the Peck tool to retrieve his parameters and try and put them on mine, the installation meter goes about half way and displays DONE, but nothing changed with Roland, still reads SP-??? then reads "Turn On Power Again", does anyone know another step to take, please 

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So not sure where you are and if it is working or not?

No, still not working.

OK where are you on it - motherboard in - you turn it on - then what

Motherboard is in and parameters loaded from the original board. I do get a message something to the affect that cartridges are not loaded. My machine is operating just as before the new board, purging, setting up sheet, Versaworks can see it, etc. I still can't get ink to my heads, in Versaworks under status I'm still getting black X through all my cartridges and when i try to run the IC check I get an error on Port 1 right away. This is exactly what is doing with my old board. I have not tried cutting with it since my ink quit working but I'm guessing I can. About 10 years ago i replaced the pump because of the originals pumps that were poorly designed and it wore a hole in my hoses. The pump appears to be working.

Are you using OEM inks

In service mode do a sensor check and let me know what codes are on the cartridges

No ink no cuts

I've been using Bordeaux Eco Sol for years. I just went through that last night. I know on the 2nd screen under 1234 I had CCCC. I will check the first screen again and post that when I get home later.

I had problems with my SP-300V, not finding the carts.....

While checking everything in the area of the IC ink junction boards, main junction board, cables etc, I realized that on slots 1 and 4, the IC board was touching the the metal plate above the cartridges, but slots 2 and 3 had gaps between the ICs boards and the plates, causing the ink junction boards to be further away fron the cartidges ICs.

In turn, I loosened the two screws securing the plates of slots 2 and 3, then pushed the plates over to be in the same position as slots 1 and 4. I tightened the screws again, powered up in service mode and now all 4 ICs are registering data as they should.

I really do not know how long this situation has been present, as I said above, the printer was still printing ok, I have never looked at the cartridges in the service menu before.

Why was it like this? the only thing I can think of is, the 440 carts are quite long and easy to knock sideways, this has perhaps happened causing the said plates to slip on the screws due to being a plastic construction below the plates.

Please refer to the attached photo for the details, obviously, the screws were loosened and the plates pushed on slots 2 and 3, I hope this post helps out other users :-)
IC chip fix.jpg

Interesting,  I'll check that. Because I'm doing a new set up I had to order cleaning solvent cartridges so before continuing I'll check this. 

Bad chips or bad board - inks matter - I hear been running X,Y, Z for years - so never view as an issue, but everything and all the basics have to be covered - at this point everything is suspect until verified!

On your mainboard, Ensure your battery is installed, firmware is up to date, initialize the system parameters, import your parameters, and set the date

I installed a new battery when I put the new motherboard in, I don't believe i cleared that date. Firmware is up to date. If I recall it is 7.3, I initialize the system parameters, pushed the parameters to the printer. I believe I opened the parameters and saved them, not sure what you mean by set the date. I compare setting but not through the whole list and they appeared to have transfered.

I ran through all the checks by the manual and got a Call Service 0101 and Call Service 0107 on I believe my >Linear encoder >pinchroll check. I know those were errors which I wrote down but not sure right now at which check i got it on.

I have a new magenta and yellow cartridge I can install but when I run the >Cartridge >IC check, it get a error on slot 1 right away which is black and it won't proceed. I would have to order a new black.

I have my notes.  On Linear calibration I got Call Service 0101. On Crop Sensor I got Call Service 0107

Regardless you are setting your machine up prior to when a user gets it, so you have to do somethings all over even though you put the parameters.

So do a Limit Position Initialize and then a Linear Encoder Setup, that is why you are getting those errors


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