I'm in need of help with my SP-300V, here's the story, a few weeks ago a storm came through and took out several pieces of equipment in our shop, our Roland SP-300V would no longer be seen by any of the computers in the shop, I ordered a new main board and installed it, computers now see Roland, I got the SUM ERROR, I updated the Firmware to V 7.30 using the Peck Tool, SUM ERROR fixed, but now Roland gives me a "Turn Power On Again" display, when it first comes on it reads SP-???, then tells me to turn power on again.

I reinstalled my old board and Roland boots up fine just no communication with the PC, so I can't get my old parameters off the old board, so I go to a buddy of mine who has the same machine, I used the Peck tool to retrieve his parameters and try and put them on mine, the installation meter goes about half way and displays DONE, but nothing changed with Roland, still reads SP-??? then reads "Turn On Power Again", does anyone know another step to take, please 

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I ran Sensor Check, this is what I got


   *** L ***



I ran Limit Initialization then Sensor check in Service mode

Now I get


  *** * ***



It sees your cartridges, you can verify by pulling and watching  the C disappear. 

Did you set up the encoder?

All steps must be followed to get the board on line, because that MB talks to the servo which talks to the print board

I did set up the encoder. Started to set up the heads as new heads and it asked for solvent cartridges,  of course no one has those on hand so I had to order 4. Should be here Monday or Tuesday. 


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