Lately we started noticing that our SP-300V leaves smear marks at the start of the print and sometimes on the clamps. Usually manual cleaning solves the problem. It is just lately I noticed that I need to clean it really often.. Like almost every day (the machine works barely hour a day).

While cleaning I started noticing that the the sponge that is in front of the wipers always full of a lot of sticky ink. Like a lot of. I have a feeling that it is this sticky ink which causes the problem.

The pad that is in the cabinet below this sponge is almost new/clean.


1. Do you think this sponge might cause the head clean frequency increase ?

2. Why does this happen ?

3. Should I replace this sponge and how is it called (local dealer does not support SP 300V anymore :( )

4. if all above is wrong - where else should I be looking ?



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First, are you using OEM ink? Aftermarket inks tend to clog the sponge more frequently and also requiring more manual cleaning of the heads.

The surge sponge requires replacing/cleaning periodically. You can clean the sponge by pressing paper towels onto it and soaking up the waste ink until you can purchase one.

Is it really smears or ink dropping from the head?  The smears are from the head or debris on the head coming in contact with the media. When the print starts, is the media raised up from the platen? Is the vacuum set correctly?  Worn wipers can leave a buildup of debris on the heads. A scraper that has buildup will transfer debris to the wipers then to the head. If the tops are not draining correctly or the printhead/manifold is bad ink will drip from the head. Pictures or the issue and test print would help to diagnose.

Agree with all said, plus tops - how old are they - it is a drainage issue. A printer will run, expired ink and 3rd party ink more frequently - based on the chip.

Thanks Butch and irv !

The ink is OEM only for since day 0. Just checked expiration of current ink and it has plenty time ahead.

The wipers and tops are about 3 years old (but the machine works on average hour a day). But I will replace the wipers and tops. Thanks for the advice.

What is the scraper that Butch mentioned ? How does it look and what does it do ?

Also, local dealer does not keep surge sponge for SP-300V anymore. Can I use one of another (more recent) model or should I buy some on the internet ?

thanks !

The scraper is located directly behind the wiper rail. Put machine into wiper replacement. Phillips screwdriver to remove the cover plate. Take a pic of how it rests on the bracket. To remove carefully push up and pull out at the bottom.

 3 years is way to long for wipers and tops.

Digi Print Supplies is where I have found most legacy parts.

Agree on all stated. Remember you have 2 years from the date on the cartridge on the ink. Not from when last used. What you will see pass the experience is cleaning more often and during jobs, but you can still used the ink while the machine does its best to express it out.


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