Please fefer to pic1, old or new style pump?

Refer to pic 2, system switch for SP-540V found on google.

When upgrading from old to new style of ink pump, is there something to do in System Switches for the SP-300V?

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Managed to sort this myself, new style pump and change sys switch 12 digit 8 to 1, pump speed is now reduced.

Reason I was asking, while waiting for a new servo board, I removed the main board battery for some days, then put in a new one, I guess I lost more settings than I had thought.

When the pump was running during first power up, I noticed it was running faster than before.

BTW this is a SP-300 changed to a SP-300V by a printer tech for the previous owner.

This morning, I found an old history print out, and saw that more than one sys switch needed changing.


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