I am having a problem with the blue ink spraying into the white part of the design.  I have tried cleaning the heads multiple times and can't see any lint or anything.  The artwork is vector so it is clean and has been used before on the same material using the same profile.  This is printing on Quick Print.  Anyone have any other ideas?  Thanks so much,


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Yep, I see the problem nozzles that no amount of cleaning can correct

The shifting of colors into the next channel tells me your encoder strip may need cleaning

How old is your captop - 

NM how is the weather there and the humidity 

Thanks I've.. I'll try cleaning the encoding strip in the morning. The caps are probably a couple of years old. We don't use the printer that much, it can sometimes go a week or two without use.

NM is great weather has been about 90 with very low humidity!!!!

Gonna come visit. :)
Well that was supposed to say Thanks Irv.. but autocorrect got in my way again!

Well not that I am coming to visit, but low humidity can cause static which looks like part of your issue. Spray some water around your machine and wait a few minutes and see if that reduces the cyan mist. It will never all go away until the head is replaced. The captop is rated for 6months and can get longer with cmyk, but two years is on the lucky side. 

I tried cleaning the encoding strip and the nozzle check looks better.  It didn't fix the cyan mist.  I'll try the water.  I have a spare captop, so I can replace that.  You think the print head needs to be replaced though or just the captops?

I tried spraying it some more and replaced both of the captops.  It looks a little better, but still not good.

Do you think I need a head replacement?


Clean the encoder strip with alcohol - that should stop the color shifting

You will not be able to get rid of all the stray cyan until you change the head - you have nozzles that are deflecting and will never line up

The water will reduce the static along with changing the exhausted captops. 

You can only hope for better and customer tolerance until head is replaced. 


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