Do i need a new print head for black?
I already did 2 powerful cleaning and 2 manual cleaning. 

the test prints are identical. zero improvement.

also, is the sp 300i no long supported? so should i buy a new head or move on to a new printer?

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The SPi is end of life, but still used in the field. These printers were also sold during COVID when it was hard getting the Truvis2 printers. The quickest and least expensive way is to replace the black/cyan head, and call it a day. However, before the change how old is the captop? Manual cleaning will serve no purpose on that head, unless there is ink build up around the outer rim.

the captops age are unknown. i dont think they were ever replace. we dont print often. if i do replace the print head, should i make sure they print at least once a week to keep the head from dry up and clog like this?

The first step is to change the captop. They are rated for 6months, but should be changed yearly. If you change the head, change the dampers too. As long as the main power switch is on, the machine will come on and do a normal cleaning daily. It is good practice to print once a week or the daily will not be enough.

ok, as far as i know there were zero maintenance  have been done on the unit. no log of any sort to show what and when anything have been replacement or clean or anything. I will start replacing the captop, print head and damper for the black, and replace the captop for the color, and i will have them to do at least a few test prints once a week if they dont print anything at all and do monthly captops/printhead inspection for paint residue, if any do a manual clean. they dont do a lot of printing, sometime once a months for a hundred logos. i guess that's why the unit was 11 years + old and with "zero" maintenance beside change print cartridge and the cutting blade and it still print.
thanks a lot for the input, i am totally new to large format printer.

The main power switch in the rear always leave on. The front switch is optional and the machine will go to sleep in 30 minutes and wake up when necessary. Do a manual clean monthly on the machine and do a test print at least once a week. The black/cyan head is normal to go out on that printer. 


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