With Imprintables going away we are now having issues finding 20" print cut vinyl for our BN-20.  Any suggestions on resources for 20" print/cut vinyl?

Thank you!

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I use signwarehouse they're in texas

I will have to check the site again as before I never found any 20" media.


I usually use siser and haven't had any issues with it except for the masking

this is for decals not fabric

Stahls has the 20" but it is not on the website yet. It can be processed with a hand written order via their customer service department

Steven - I was just told Stahls does not have any print/cut vinyl for decals at 20".  Is there that few BN 20 users that we now are just hung out to dry?

We have it. I am not sure who told you that but it is available just not on the website yet. 

It was one of the customer service reps.  Even worse?  She asked if the print cut materials was for "stickers".  I am thinking she needs to put a dollar into the kitty.

LOL Mark, Right! Oh there is going to be a very long meeting over there!

LOL - I will talk to CS to make sure they know. 

My jar is about to get filled up!

LOL, and rightly so!

I was told the same thing by a Stahls Customer Service rep.


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