Hi! A few days ago, me and a friend bought a VS-300 from a company that was closing. After a very careful transportation and re-installation something happened to the colours when printing. Far away from all lines, in all colours gets printed when doing the testprint. In the middle it's completely white (see image for testprint). We have tried manually cleaning (completely following instructions) and we have tried all different cleaning programs a few times. Nothing so far has made it any better. Has anyone any idea about what could be wrong? It really sucks starting up our little business like this.

Thanks in advance! We really hope that someone can help us!


Best regards,


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Did you transport it with ink or empty?

Good News

Your dual CMYK printer has all of its channels printing

If transported empty or full you have air in the lines

You need a choke cleaning if you can find that option, or about 2 powerful cleans that could move the air

If it was transported with ink, depending on the length without power - you need a headsoak to free the clogged nozzles.


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