Something in VM got changed and all my colors look way too different


A couple of month ago my wife got into labels printing small business and I am kinda helping her technically :). For all the time all went smoothly as the business was up and running for year. Till the day where a tech ( our local Roland rep certified ) came in due to colors having black pepper sprayed all over. He decided to change the black-cyan head. While calibrating and changing things, he also did something to VW ( I think ). The original black pepper problem did not go away but from that day all our colors look very different ! For instance, our Blue ( 100c 90m 0y 0k ) was totally purple and our gray (11c 1m 0y 64k) is now olive green ... I managed to set some of them using the Tones Curve but never managed to recreate the original colors ... Even when I print all files, the colors are just wrong. So it is not something that changed with our AI. The colors we talk about - some are spot, some are process ...

I had a backup of the whole VW folder, restored it, but still nothing improved. What got wrong ? Where were those lost settings stored ? In Windows registry ? 

Is there anything I can do before going and printing the colors chart and changing all our swatches ? It will be really pitty because the customers are used the old colors and I have a feeling that unless I get the old settings - I will never get the same colors back again

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Ring him and ask what he did or come and put it right.
Might be just change the convert spot colour tick box. Or useing a odd profile.
Go back to basics create 4 squares colour them seperatly k 100 c 100 y 100 m 100 send as a cmyk eps file
In vw print with a standard profile density control only
You should get solid basic colours with no tints

Thanks Chris,

I complained to him right on the spot but he told he did not change anything. I phoned their office but they just quote him that he did not touch. But I saw him too recklessly ticking and unticking checkboxes in the Quality and Color Management ( and who knows where else ) and right then it all went wrong.. One of the other techs told me that even before my wife acquired the business he himself did change things in the Tone Curve and when I looked - it all was reset . What is puzzling me - how come backup restore did not help ....

They also suggested me to print separate colors. They all look ok except for really noticeable dark ( not sure which color exactly ) spread in yellow.

I read some of the posts here and following Irv's suggestion re-printed some files ( vector ) using Max Impact profile. The colors close to what they were albeit not exactly the same ( probably the lost Tone Curve is now playing the role). However, the quality of the colors degraded - I see the areas which should be solid very "grainy" or "cloudy". Looked at some examples and it does not look like puddling, more like if the the resolution is too low and there are lots of uncovered dots. Somehow the situation improved when I switched to Error Diffusion(v)  from Dithering but not too much. But I am mostly just on trail and error path here.

Is there a good guide I can read about ALL of it ?

I printed Roland Colors chart ( switched the queue to Density control ) - most of the colors have noticeable white dots scattered. Dont know how it was before - never put attention before it went wrong. My wife prints labels which are to be viewed from short distance so it is noticeable a lot to me 

Regular test prints look good. No missing lines, no contamination. Should I check other calibrations ? Tried to print unidirectional - no impact so not sure playing with bi-directional adjustment will do any good ...


Post your nozzle test - take a picture straight on

We can start here

Thanks !

Here it is 

Ok your calibration is slightly off, but your nozzles are good enough to get you good prints. 

Check your PMs I sent you a message.

Was this problem sorted ? can you let me know please as it sounds alot like the issues im having.

Iv been printing stickers with customers logos on them no problems but when i try to do full colours they come out all grainy. A customer wanted yellow and it took me like 100 goes to get a solid colour and i think i just done basic cmyk yellow for him.

Right now im trying to do light blue princess stickers for birthday parties and they are coming out all graining again, i need to get to the root of the problem as this is just going to keep on coming up again and again :(


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