Does anyone know why yellow ink floods any printing I do? I'd just completed 2 jobs with great results and then the very next day the yellow starts flooding the media as you can see in the attached JPG.

Anyone else had this issue before? 

Just completed replacing the cyan/black printhead and all dampers were replaced, too. Tried reattaching the printhead cables, too.

We have a Roland Versacamm SP540i.

Hope someone can help! 

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Always tell us what machine you are using (everyone will not do the extra clicking to find)

When you changed the B/C head did you at all touch the Y/M head cabling

You have BLOCK printing which is an electrical issue from not having your cabling parallel to the bracket and properly aligned, so when the signal is sent- the yellow channel is receiving a signal to fire.

If it came after a while, then you did not secure the cables and they are not aligned

Thanks, Irving. You're a champ - I got a quick reply from you last time I sent a help request, too.

We have a Roland Versacamm SP540i.

I did try removing and reattaching the cables. The Y/M cable was disconnected when changing the C/B printhead. Should I have another crack at removing and reattaching then? Surely there's only one fit here?

Exactly, Redo your steps - ensure no bent ribbon cables and aligned and secure and straight to the brackets - best of luck!

Unfortunately nothing changed at all. All looks good and tight (see attached).

Could it be a faulty cable? Strange that it literally changed overnight.


There is a bit of damage on the one contact as you can see here. Could it be that?


Ian not sure how to answer. I explained what to look for, you found what I told you to look for, then you want me to think if that could be it. The answer is of course since it has been known to do it in the past.

In addition you have ink sitting on your cable. Many post here how the solvent ink eats through ribbon cables causing pin holes and contact issues. So your next issue will be blown fuses.

looking at your cabling (only partial picture) but is that how you found them or were they secured. 

To all that read: take pictures before you start touching your machine and be sure to put it back the way you found it. There is more to it than plugging things in to correct slots, it has to be doing with no causing noise in the system.

Thanks for the input, irving. I need to replace  the magenta/yellow printhead anyway so I ordered that plus a new cable. Hopefully that'll fix the issue.

Ian in looking over your pictures again there are a few things I notice and a few things no picture for. 

'Block Printing' (solid color banding) is the result of not securing the cables and using the filter. Electrical noise is received by a cable and the head receives a signal to fire ink continuously. So in the pictures you post - you did not have your ribbon cables secured as in how it comes from the factory - that is step 1. Also after it goes to the print carraige  are they secured to the chassis and have the ferite filter (1000004149 FILTER(E),FRC-40-12-1.7-013 ) on the cables and Clamp (12 11769118 CLAMP,FCM2-S6-14 ) - I think in your picture I see them in the air. Secure the print cables back through to the servo board.


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