Hello all,

I just performed a test print on my Versacamm SP-300V due to having grainy prints and it came out nearly solid black! Photo is attached. What in the world is going on? IMG_3924.JPG

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Hello again, I just wanted to update this...I found and solved the problem. It seems that the head cable (the flat ribbon cable that goes from the head to the print controller board) had gotten slightly loose. Of course I verified this with the sub and MAIN power off. Never ever wiggle, touch, or remove cables with the power turned on, or you WILL blow fuses. Anyhow, I'm not sure how the cable managed to get loose, but it did, and after reseating it properly, the printer works just fine. File this away under "things to check every few months while doing maintenance". :)

Glad it is working :)


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