Hi Guys, I have a question about software. My Flexi Design software is up in 5 days I was thinking about not renewing it and switching over to adobe photoshop! But I was wondering how hard it is to make contour cut lines in photo shop or illustrator around an image or logo!? Because flexi is very simple to put a contour cut around anything!  

My two options are 

1) renew flexi and buy an older version of photoshop (CS3, CS4, or CS5) Does anyone have an older version of photo shop and illustrator they want to sell?!


2) don’t renew flexi and just buy a year of photoshop CS6 (that includes photo shop, illustrator and everything else) 

Personally I would rather learning adobe because most templates and everything I get work better in it and you have so many more possibilities! What do ylu

guy think? 

Thanks so much 

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