Hi there I have a VP300 and I am trying to print small oil bottle labels with it but my text is not sharp enough can anyone recommend some print settings that may help clear up the labels? Im using 160% ink, high quality Wpass bi directional at the moment.

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Print Uni-direction and if clear - then adjust your bi-direction settings

not sure what 160% hq wpass means

as said good starting point

can we see a pic of the sticker  and the nossel test please 

does the vp have a head height setting if so needs to be on low if possible  may have to remove media clamps

what colour is the small text

the wpass indicates its using the intelligent pass system may wish to try with out.

Left label is settings I used on a EPS file. Right label is a previous printers label and the sharpness is what I am trying to achieve and top label is the first print I tested the label PDF file  

I am aware the text is bigger on the other printers file-  but I still need a bit more readability from the label I am printing.


Nossel test, I have just had this printer back from the technician he essentially brought it and the heads back from the dead from someone who was not using it for a year and it was left uncapped - so I am aware nossels are not prefect.

i think you could get close to the sample but every thing will need to be spot on settings the media and or profile is not helping, if you mean you have limited the ink load to 160% is partly to blame most digital print materials like around 220 to 260% total load, for best colours  but in this instance all the colours involved are made up of just about all the cmyk so the settings of the heads is even more important.

as a by the way have you checked the content of the bottle will not attack the print you may need to laminate as well, got the t shirt for that one.

Thanks for this, il try a generic vinyl print with higher ink % and try uni directional v pass (so not the profile I have used so far ) and see what the result is. Yes I designed this label well before I knew i would be printing them myself one day :D and yes I am definitely going to change it !

Nozzles seem good enough

Again print a sample unidirection - to see if it is better, if it is then adjust bi-direction

Also the other issue seems that you are not using the correct profile for the media.

Hi there its an all purpose vinyl. I was told by technician that less % ink would give a better print for small text. What would you recommend as a correct profile? Its a white all purpose vinyl with a grey backing just did a bi directional test it seems pretty good

what you were told is partly true but clipping the ink load will make the colours weak, catch 22 really.

you need more ink to get the colour but you can control the way its put down to help so it does not bleed

both my rolands use different profile to your printer so what you are looking for is.

print uni directional slow the head speed down to about 550mm /sec res need to be at least 720 x 720 and a least 16 passes, max ink load around 210%.. probably sign and display. head height low if you can needs care with head height.

that machine is very capable with a bit of effort (same heads as my old one) but have to admit the VS range is one notch better at this sort of thing. 

best of luck

This worked I am pretty sure its clearer, printed a uni-directional sample and its a better print then bi-directional my question is now how do I adjust the bi-directional? I have done a test print of bi-directional and it is looking on point at 0 photo below. 


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