I did a job a week ago with 20pt fonts. It cut great. Running the same job now, and is not cutting it cleanly. I changed the blade and the cutting strip. Still not working. I ran a large perforated job after the clean run. I cleaned the holder to.

I am at a loss.

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I have tried 3 blades, bought a new blade holder. I did tighten the cable, but scared to tighten it to much. Yes, I did try regular vinyl. The letters are less than 20 pt. I did get 24 pt. to cut fairly well. As you can see by the picture, it used to cut perfectly. Is there a trick to tightening the cable without over tightening?

You will need a cable tension gauge or bow string tension gauge.

Hook in middle of cable - reading should be 4.5lb- 5.5lb.

Do you have a picture of one? It looks like there are so many out there.

How are you getting the force? Are you doing test cuts, to ensure the minimum amount. 

Also why so slow on the speed, do to small letters? Have you tried faster, like 5?

There is a gauge for the tightness, Butch would know the setting.

I dropped the pressure to 45, and the speed to 10. Same thing. I did these letters before as you can see with no problem. I guess I will have my tech look at it, but he is at a loss right now to.


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