I bought a second-hand BN 20, with a metallic cartridge installed. It never crossed my mind that a white one could not be put in. As I really only want to print white to make colours more opaque on clear vinyl.

after some research it said it could not be done, but I had already bought the white cartridge, ran out of silver, whacked in my White cartridge, everything fine for a bit.

I tell the machine it is still printing silver, it had been quite happy doing this, but now it is found that it has a white cartridge in it. It is not a happy bunny keeps on beeping. I am not really bothered about if there are silver flecks in the white etc etc as it is only to be used as a background colour.

Any suggestions on how to stop the machine beeping :-)


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Wow I'm glad it worked out so well, you could run a cleaning cartridge thru it to get some more of the silver out but? You prob have to go into the set up program to change it from silver to white, Did you get the install guide with it?  If you go on the Roland site it may have the guide in a pdf? Sorry I have a VS and they are very different, that's all I can contribute.

In the downloads section , under BN20 watch the installation video on setting up the ink configuration.

Rob there are a few things going on that is working against you. Let me say up front that you can change your configuration in any roland machine. It does involve some work, so for the most part is frown upon. 1st when the machine is installed, the configuration is locked in on the mainboard. Secondly, once ink is in the lines it is very hard to remove. The third issue is that all Roland cartridges comes with chips that talk to the mainboard. There is no way to stop the beeping, unless you take the chip from the metallic and installed it on the white. So since you do not mind the silver in the white - you do not have to worry about changing or flushing the lines. I cannot remember if the factory reset is at the user or tech level. Once that is done then you can tell the machine what your configuration is.

factory reset is at the tech level. 

Rob - contact me tomorrow and I can help you reset the configuration. I am out today but will be in my office tomorrow.


I'm just here running a useless print of metallic ink because the head is getting clogged on that color cause I haven't had a Mt. print in awhile, I use the white alot cause i have a customer that loves clear static clings for her Mall store, but wouldn't it be cool if they had a "special inks clean only" in the clean section so as not to waste all the other CMYK trying to keep the head in tip top shape for those of us that elected to go that way, it would be an added feature for potential special ink customers? I suppose Japan has to get involved with something like that? 

Ha Irv, i was going to suggest swapping out a Metallic chip on the cartridge but I deleted it so I wouldn't get a PM from Steve!!!!!!

I have gotten a few already ha, Hi Steve hope all is well !!!!! ha, I didn't say it this time!!!!!!!!!!

Ha - John, you actually open those - LOL / I did not say I would do that - but that is how it could work. I have covered the chip so the machine thinks it has a cleaning cartridge in. A lot can be done, just highly not recommended. Once you go down certain roads - only a tech and lots of money can get you back. We play it safe here for the sake of the average user with normal operating hours.


thank you for all your info. Currently the machine has stopped beeping, may be it got bored.:-)

I am sure I am going to have to follow up some of your suggestions. Many thanks for the advice.


Ok. I think this post is old but I have some questions for you guys... My problem is the other way around. I just bought a Roland BN-20 from a second hand with a White configuration and all I want is Silver. Is this possible? what I should do? any suggestions will be really appreciate it.

Thank You!

Walter it is an old post and you might have been better off starting a new one. I said I would answer so here I am. There is a change procedure for ink. The BN20 is the easiest of all the machines. However, with white and silver ink it a little harder due to the composites in the ink. I have done it a few times back and forward between each of the colors. It is recommended to change the lines, but it can be tolerated without line changes, but I strongly recommend at a minimum to change the damper. There are a lot of places for the particles to hang up so that is why the previous poster was getting specs. The issue is that you need to be in Tech Mode for the change to take place. You must first conduct a headwash. There is one in UserMode but it will not take anything but the MB ink config. After the Headwash in Service Mode, you can reset the colors.. User Mode HW requires 1 cleaning cart, while Service Mode required 5 cartridges. You will also need the dummy cartridges. I will tell you most people look to get rid of the White and the Metallic, It is hard to keep a client to justify its use or maintenance requirements. If you do go that way, ensure you have a CL cartridge to use in that slot when you are not using it. In 6 mos whatever cart is in the slot will be exhausted from the higher cleaning requirement.

I have a similar problem too. We originally setup our BN-20 for Metallic because the owner thought it would be cool. Needless to say, I have never used it even once. The cartridges are about double the cost of the other inks, and it just sits there getting used up with the cleaning cycle.

I have actually tried to use the metallic to see what it would look like, but have never been able to get it to print so it looks metallic. I don't know if it's user error, or setup error, or what. We mostly make Heat Transfers, and almost never make stickers, so eventually when I called my tech to complain, he finally mentioned that metallic only works on sticker or shiny  material...... :/

That wouldv'e been nice to know when setting up the machine.

Any who..I would much prefer the option to print on clear material. like window clings and stickers. I could open up my retail options so much!

Maybe there should be a "swapping" site for people who want other setups...

Hi Irving,

Thank you for all of the info you have posted here. I am going to purchase a used BN-20. I am printing small decal stickers, most of them are going to have silver colors and the metallic ink will really make some of the print designs stand out.

That said, I feel a BN-20 is a good fit as my sticker size is small - 37mm and 45mm round. I don't need a very wide printer.

I have two local used BN-20's to choose from. The first one had Magenta installed instead of Metallic, so I'm concerned how practical it is to flush out the magenta color from the lines.

The next printer, priced $800 more, does not have a stand, but has had both white and metallic inks installed in this port, and the owner says that by flushing out the lines you can change colors.

Is it easier to switch from magenta to metallic than it is white to metallic?

Thanks in advance and I apologize if this was specifically answered and I missed it. Lots of great info here!


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