Hey Guys,

So i am looking for a cutter and printer and instead of buying a cheap chinese one I found a VP540 for sale for 8000, wondering if this machine is still good to run considering its an older model?

Anything i should look for when I go see it? i got to drive 5 hours for it.

I dont have a lot of work for it just yet but people ask me for things that I just cant do without this machine... and im tired of attaching 3 colors together for a logo design.

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lol no advice or is it that bad of a machine

I am still running mine, it is almost ten years old. Find out what has been replaced. I have replaced two print heads, head park station pumps and the long ribbon cable for the cut knife.  I am getting close to replacing the main board because of network port random failures.


He says the motherboard and heads have been replaced in the last few years and very light use on the machine

I cannot speak to price. I did own one and loved it. I would say do not buy a machine with a v at the end. What to look for:

If you can get a copeck you can send and I will be able to tell more. If you cannot, 1st see it print in front of you, look for smooth prints and no banding. 2nd ask for a nozzle test, that would tell you the condition of the head - missing nozzles (most times can be recovered), deflecting nozzles (never recovered) need new head(s) and will get overspray anytime those colors are used. A head cost approximate 1200 per - you have 4 heads each of CMYK have there own. An SP have 2 heads shared. That is why your machine is at a higher amount. The VP is a workhorse, providing the head condition it will keep working with the right media and ink. You will need to clean it occasionally, but not like its younger brothers, which require more care. There you go!

I will ask for these and fine a good design for him to print in front of me

If you do not find one, have him print the test print from VersaWorks under the printer tab. It will show you the colors to determine banding, and fine print to determine overspray.


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