Please does anyone have an idea what might be causing this? Nozzle test is good, feed calibration is good. Encoder strip is wiped clean. Head is set to low. Bidirectional alignment is good. I don't have a profile installed for the media though. I currently use GCVP or vinyl 1. The media is macpoly 929p


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Mike post your nozzle test - again

Post one of your files that is giving you a double print

When the print comes out of the machine - the shadow (Overprint)  is on which side

Hello Irving. Thanks once again. Something I noticed is that my feed calibration and nozzle test sometimes have a horizontal gap in the test prints. It's not missing nozzles. If I run them again, the gap disappears. I did spill ink on the print head cable sometime ago. But I have cleaned them out.

I have also tested for static by leaving the machine disconnected for 10 minutes. The overprint can start on one side of the design and spread to the middle or other end as the print progresses. It doesn't affect the whole logo, just a part. The logo I just uploaded is a 3 by 3 inch logo with tightly grouped letters. The defect is less apparent on larger logos because of the spacing.


OK Mike let me say what I think is going on. Some may need to be backed up by a peck report. 

- The reason I asked for a file so I can print on my end and see the results - to eliminate a file issue

- The reason I asked for which direction of the overprint - need to determine if it is a scan issue or feed one; you stated you cleaned the encoder strip (scan) but what about the grit roller (feed); 

- You just stated about the ink on the cables (same area where the grit roller is) if left too long it creates pinholes and can be interrupting the electric flow - when it is too much it will blow the fuse

- Static act different on different machines and sometimes it is a shadow and sometimes it creates a mosaic

- Now your nozzle test 1 - could be a slippage (worn pinch rollers) or a dirty or inked grit roller - only clean with alcohol.

- nozzle test 2 is the key for me. When the head is firing correctly - you see the good nozzles on the first 5 channels (some nozzle issues but few) However the light cyan channel is kicking off to the left consistently on a few consistent left and up nozzles. So back again to how is the shadow and is it lining up as printing off to the left. 

So if that is the case, then when that nozzle is called on to fire - it is going to kick it out to the left. So to test take one file and print it multiple times but make it 100% of each channel - Black needs to be only K and not a combination of cmyk. I cannot recall off hand how to localize Light cyan and light magenta. The test print in VW may isolate it as the easiest way. 

So you may want to change the cables, inspect the grit roller and determine if the shadow is on the right, left, up, or bottom of the print. 

Hope I made it clear

Guessing from the test prints this is either a VSxxi or a XR640 on 7c Max2 inks....?

Check the grit encoder. Looks like what happens when a droplet of ink, a spec of dust or whatever gets stuck to the wheel.

As the grit spins, the encoder reads the lines on the wheel, until the contaminant comes around and the reader sees one big line and over advances the grit wheels. Use 70% isopropyl alcohol and a foam swab to lightly clean the wheel and see if that helps. Otherwise one of your feed grit wheels has the cross hatching filled in with paper debris causing it to slip against the backing paper of your media and not advance it.  

Hello Todd,
Thanks for the reply. It's VS 540 on ecosolvent max inks. I have cleaned the grit roller twice now with no improvement. Irving has advised a change of the print head ribbon cable to see if it will help. This is due to the fact that I once spilled ink on the cables. Am waiting for the cables ATM. Another tech which I contacted here in Australia thinks it might be the feed encoder although he is unaware of the spilled ink.


IF not mistaken the feed encoder is the grit roller. Encoder strip covers the scan direction and the grit roller covers the feed direction.

I believe so too.

Hello Irving,

That's the pec file you asked for.




Hello irving,

Please could you advise me on how many pins would be required for the VS 540 printhead ribbon cable. I seem to be counting 29 pins but different sites are listing 21 pins and 32 pins as the cables for the print head. I went ahead and bough a 21 pin, it surely will not fit.



No Worries. I have seen the right cables

29 pin

3 cables - 1000006702 - position 1,2, 4

1 cable - 1000006703 - position 3

starting for the rear of the head the position

cables in the wrong position WILL break the head

New cables came in. Still same issue...


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