I've installed versaworks and my printer but only have 5 generic Media Types.  Where can I download more and how do I install them?

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Once you register your machine - you have access to more than you will ever need profiles on the roland site. When I do an install I train the user on how to install profiles. Contact your dealer, or in the same place Roland has the profiles they have a video and written instructions.

Thanks, Irving. I bought it second hand but I have talked to a dealer near me before so I will contact them.  Thanks.

2nd, 3rd, 4th hand does not make a difference. You cannot get a warranty by roland, but they will support their product.

Go to Rolanddga.com and register your machine - it goes by serial number. it will give you access to buy products. watch videos and download profiles - the warranty page is the 2nd from the end, and the support page is what you are looking for after you register. ON the support page, ICC profiles is the option, then follow the blanks, machine, ink, etc - your RIP is roland.


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